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you canScreenwriter Joe Eszterhas has given up chasing women. In short, Eszterhas is no babe in the Hollywood woods. A decade ago, Eszterhas left Hollywood to return to his native Ohio, where he and his wife, Naomi, are raising four kids.

When he turned in his Maccabees script this spring to Warner Bros. Upset over the rejection, which he blamed on Gibson, Eszterhas wrote another blistering letter, this one to Gibson.

It described Gibson as acting outrageously during the time they spent together, and Eszterhas has now expanded that into a page book. Eszterhas says he wanted to write the Maccabees story not just because the tale of the embattled warriors was a stirring chapter in Jewish history.

This was followed by a series of hate-filled rants against minorities that his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva taped during their phone conversations in and that also became public. Nierob said Gibson had no comment about the book. But Naomi was always there, even in some of our script meetings. And she has an amazing memory.

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How could Eszterhas possibly occupy the high moral ground if he was willing to expose Gibson only after the studio rejected his script? Was it about the money? I desperately wanted to do this, both because of my father and my faith. My God wanted me to do this. Kirk Douglas on the Blacklist: Why Hollywood showed so little courage.

joe eszterhas letter to mel gibson? Joe Eszterhas Net Worth is $18 Million. Joe Eszterhas is a writer with the net worth of $18 million. Joe Eszterhas earned his net. When Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” came out in , one of the biggest criticisms of it was that it was unfairly negative in its portrayal of the. Joe Eszterhas: 'Mel Gibson needs for which he got paid but didn't write.) as shown in the legendary letter in which he accused the then-all-powerful CAA. Jun 08, · Pulp non fiction: Joe Eszterhas tells all about Mel Gibson. “I had no idea I was going to write a book until I wrote the big letter to Mel.

How did 'Battleship' escape the 'John Carter' flop furor? Joe Eszterhas pictured in during an interview in his living room in Malibu.

The year in film: Now Politics Crime Education O. Past, present and future. Patrick GoldsteinThe Big Picture.

Read and write public notes to Mel Gibson. See what others are saying. Vote and add your own comments to others' notes. Jan 15, · I would like to have a Mel Gibson sign photo but don't know where to write to him. Can anyone help me. Thanks!. Full text of screenwriter's letter to "Braveheart" star. PERSPECTIVES An Open Letter to Mel Gibson from a Jew for Jesus By Susan Perlman Jews for Jesus. cyprus4u.info – Dear Mel (is it OK if I call you Mel?). Warner Bros Cools On ‘Judah Maccabee’ Script; Will Mel Gibson Go Indie Route? EXCLUSIVE: Mel Gibson has just responded with a letter to screenwriter Joe Eszterhas.

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