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across Riviera Maya andBefore I knew it, I had a small crowd in my office applauding and cheering. Saurabh forwarded the mail around to our product unit.

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Jan 27,  · Bill Gates: 'I wrote Steve Jobs a letter as he was dying. He kept it by his bed’ People’s plutocrat Bill Gates talks about friendly rivalry, and how to. Continue reading to see which is the best way for you to contact Bill Gates. Send an email to the Bill and Bill Gates' attention. Write Bill Gates a letter at. Apr 25,  · Has anyone tried asking bill Anyway here is Bill Gate's If 6 weeks have elapsed and no response has been made you can write another letter .

Lots of people have been telling me congratulations. The whole experience was pretty funny. It should comes out in print really soon. It would be interesting to know what the subject line of your email was. A co-worker of yours could have gotten a good laugh by faking the e-mail.

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Did he sign the e-mail? If not, he would get spammed, trolled and so on from millions of people. No way, he would never even respond to an email which sits in the inbox with millions of other more important messages. He personally sent me a "Microsoft Security Update Patch.

What a nice guy. Julie, because it would have been so easy to fake it. Think about it; you tell your co-workers that you are about to e-mail Bill Gates. Whats the next logical step?

To answer it ofcourse!

Bill should really sign his e-mails. You may only get a couple of words, but you do get a response. Sara just heard from her boss…both her comments and the Business Week article are.

Someone explain to me why this is such a big deal. I have never understood why people are so enthralled with Bill G or any other celebrity for that matter.

billgates@cyprus4u.info billg@cyprus4u.info (Your email will be read. The first to see it will be a person at Gates's office, however, and not Bill Gates. Key. Letter from Bill and Melinda Gates; Leadership; Contact Us Print. visit At the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Discovery Center. ContactBillGates. gates notes. click the toggle switch next to “Send me updates from Bill Gates. Read previous versions of the Annual Letter. Contact Me. Letter from Bill and Melinda Gates Print. Bill and Melinda Gates at Lee High School during the Texas learning tour (Houston, Texas, ). Continue reading to see which is the best way for you to contact Bill Gates. Send an email to the Bill and Bill Gates' attention. Write Bill Gates a letter at.

So why get all fired up if the guy replies to an email of all things. As far as spoofing the response. It would take quite the feat of hackery for someone to:.

Know the email was sent 2.

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Be able to respond from a different address keeping appropriate headers in place 3. Not laugh their ass off so hard Sara would hear it if she were in Beijing. I Write A Letter To Bill Gate them from important people. Important to me that is. Do you really think Bill Gates email is billgates microsoft. There are also other internal microsoft aliases that he uses for his main email.

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