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locations forIn DecemberLIFE published one of the most extraordinary photo essays ever to appear in the magazine.

Across a dozen pages, and featuring more than 20 of the great W. Eugene Smith' pictures, the story of a tireless South Carolina nurse and midwife named Maude Callen opened a window on a world that, surely, countless LIFE readers had never seen — and, perhaps, had never even imagined.

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Working in the rural South in the s, in "an area of some square miles veined with muddy roads," as LIFE put it, Callen served as "doctor, dietician, psychologist, bail-goer and friend" to thousands of poor most of them desperately poor patients — only two percent of whom were white.

Calling Maude Callen a heroic figure — especially today, when the word "hero" is thrown around like confetti — might strike some as problematic. She was, after all, not really risking her life in her daily and nightly rounds. But how else should we characterize a woman who saved so many others through her work, and who firmly, compassionately delivered into the world so many children who, without her intervention, might well have died at or shortly after birth? What else do we call someone who dedicated seemingly every waking moment to helping others — in a time and place where pain and want were the rule, rather than the exception?

The article in LIFE, titled simply "Nurse Midwife," that chronicled Callen's work and her unique role in her community go here a companion piece, of sorts, to Smith's essay, "Country Doctor.

Ernest Ceriani of Kremmling, Colorado — while physically separated by thousands of miles, as well as by the even broader, thornier barrier of race -— would not only understand one another, on an elemental level, but that each would recognize something utterly familiar in the other. Their lives and the landscapes they navigated might have been as different, in critical ways, as one can possibly imagine; but in the essentials, they were kindred spirits.

Source story in LIFE began this way, setting the stage for what one reader called, echoing the numerous awe-struck letters to the editor published in a later issue, "one of the greatest pieces of photojournalism I have seen in years":.

Some weeks ago in the South Carolina village of Pineville, in Berkeley County on the edge of Hell Hole Swamp, the time arrived for Alice Cooper to have a baby and she sent fr the midwife. What I Want To Be A Nurse Essay first it seemed that everything was all right, but soon the midwife noticed signs of trouble.

Hastily she sent for a woman name Maude Callen to come and take over. After Maude Callen arrived at 6 p. It lasted through the night until dawn. But at the end she was safely delivered of a healthy son. The new midwife had succeeded in a situation where the fast-disappearing "granny" midwife of the South, armed with superstition and a pair of rusty scissors, might have killed both mother and child.

Maude Callen is a member of a unique group, the nurse midwife.

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Although there are perhaps 20, common midwives practicing, trained nurse midwives are rare. There are only nine in South Carolina, in the nation.

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Their education includes the full course required of all registered nurses, training in public heath and at least six months' classes in obstetrics. Maude Callen has delivered countless babies in her career, but obstetrics is only part of her work To those who think that a middle-aged Negro [sic] without a medical degree has no business meddling in affairs such as these, Dr.

William Fishburne, director of the Berkeley County health department, has a ready answer. When he was asked whether he thought Maude Callen could be spared to do some teaching for the state board of health, he replied, "If you have to take her, I can only ask you to join me in prayer for the people left here. Eugene Smith, work mattered. Throughout his legendary career, he sought out and chronicled the lives and the labor of people who knew their craft.

Whether he was photographing a world figure like Dr. Albert Schweitzer in Africa or anonymous Welsh coal miners; a doctor in the Rockies or a midwife in South Carolina; Smith saw something noble in hard work, and something profoundly admirable in men and women who cared enough to do their work well.

What I Want To Be A Nurse Essay one would be hard-pressed to find anyone who ever appeared in LIFE's pages whose humble and necessary work merited more admiration than that of the unforgettable, unbreakable nurse midwife of Smith's photo essay.

After the piece was published, LIFE subscribers from all over the country sent donations, large and small, to help Mrs. Callen in what one reader called "her magnificent endeavor. Callen] said to her husband: I just want to sit here and be thankful.

Callen worked until her retirement in In later years, Maude Callen was still rightfully being celebrated for her life's work. Maude Callen died in at the age of 91 in Pineville, South Carolina, where she had lived, and served, for seven decades. Follow her on Twitter lizabethronk. Weary but watchful, Maude sits by as mother dozes.

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