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you, suggestThis collection of reviewed resources from TeachersFirst is selected to help teachers, parents, and students find, use, and create webquests.

Teachers can find examples of webquests across the curriculum and places to find MORE. Both students and teachers can find tools for creating their own webquests.

We have even included some sample web resources as terrific seeds for webquest ideas. The webquest format has been around for years and can be adapted many ways. Start from this collection and consider designing a webquest "Task" that uses a collaborative, web 2. Today's students will love the authentic, creative tasks and collaboration made possible by today's tools.

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Find and save ideas about Book report templates on Pinterest. [ Book Reports For Kids Kidsa Web Pictures Free Report Template Sample ]. TeachersFirst's Webquest Resources. Use as a new format for book reports. Flying High with Research webquest is a creative example of a web quest on. Mar 07, · 3) Q: Who were the two scientists that brought forth supporting evidence to Wagner's theory, and what was their evidence? A: Arthur Holmes and Harry Hess.

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Parent permission advised before posting student work created using this tool Premium version not free includes additional features or storage Products can be embedded Products can be shared by URL. Products can be embedded. Learn about the benefits of TeachersFirst free membership. Grades 4 to QR Wild is a QR code generator for scavenger hunt games. Create your game by adding text, images, and information.

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Add a Comment and Rate this Resource. Rating click star Web Quest For Book Reports set rating: Add to My Favorites. Grades K to 2. This Pesach Passover holiday webquest is for children to identify the article source on a Seder Plate and discuss the symbolism of each item. Children need to have the basic computer Children need to have the basic computer skills of mouse clicking and opening files.

The webquest represents a new challenge in computer skills, a focused Internet search. Grades 6 to 9. This free interactive site is an extensive digital literacy curriculum that improves technology proficiency, builds information literacy and digital citizenship skill, and provides This free interactive site is an extensive digital literacy curriculum that improves technology proficiency, builds information literacy and digital citizenship skill, and provides 21st century and project-based resources online.

The non-sequential Things, delivered as project-based Quests, provide links, resources, and activities for students to earn badges and awards.

Registration for teachers is required and gives access to teacher resources and a downloadable Web Quest For Book Reports version of the site; Moodle is not required to use this site. To access certain external activities and tools, students may need to register with an e-mail. Things and Quests have roadmap documents for students to use for tracking progress.

A Quest includes an introduction frequently as a short animated videovocabulary, directions, tutorials, standards, apps, and a student checklist. Extensive teacher resources and support are provided. Assessments are through multiple-choice quizzes at ProProf with a provided password. Grades 2 to Create an online bulletin board much like Padlet, reviewed hereor Lino, reviewed here for brainstorming and The voting is what makes this tool different.

There is no waiting for email approval. Add a board, title, select how many votes the participants will have up to 10and start adding posts with text, images, and video. Add images and video via URL or upload from your computer. When participants join, they give their name. Participants can add posts. Names of participants using the board appear below the chat box. Participants name's appear when they make a comment in the chat. However, comments on posts don't have the participant name.

Once the board is complete, the creator can finalize the board so no new ideas can be posted, but the voting feature is still open. Grades K to Deekit is an online collaborative whiteboard tool for use with any device. Sign-in using social networking accounts such as Google or Facebook to begin.

Import images, draw, type, and Import images, draw, type, and zoom in on content using the site's tools. Click the arrow next to the Current board to send an email to invite others to Web Quest For Book Reports. Deekit also includes a small library of templates for import into your whiteboard.

Watch Deekit's tutorial by clicking on YouTube at the bottom right of any page. Web Quest For Book Reports the tutorial to see how to use this site and take advantage of the tools included. If your district blocks YouTube, the video may not be viewable. You could always view the video at home and bring it to class "on a stick" to share. Use a tool such as KeepVid, reviewed hereto download the videos from YouTube.

Grades 3 to Join the American Museum of Natural History and Scholastic to lead your students through a science exploration research project. Begin with ideas from the teacher's here with the help Begin with ideas from the teacher's guide with the help of a scientist and a well-defined science exploration project.

BOOK REPORTS It’s book report time! Each book read and reported on should be a chapter book (or at your child’s appropriate reading level), and each. The Quest Learning and Assessment System uses an extensive knowledge bank of over 60, questions and answers covering Math, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science. Make better health decisions using your computer and mobile phone. Searching the Web. Setting Goals. The Lorax. reports and n on-fiction science book reports are due once each semester: Hurricane Webquest. Book Trailers Description: This Web Quest helps students learn to make their own book Language Arts Keywords: Book Trailers, Book Talks, Book Reports.

Each subject begins with a short documentary style slide show to get your interest, vocabulary, and an interview http://cyprus4u.info/repository/android-game-on-resume.php a scientist from the American Museum of Natural History.

Each of the topics is tiered into different levels so Web Quest For Book Reports can differentiate for everyone's needs. Read informational texts from the resource library, a guide to framing science explorations, and a Putting It Together workshop that gives directions for a research presentation. Follow the investigation format to discover a question of interest. Find non-fiction texts, photographs, and videos included.

The resource list includes book lists of informational and fictional books. Take part on a message board to join others in your same study. Build scavenger hunts, treasure hunts, webquests, or extend learning using Trackstar. To make a track, think of a descriptive title, and write a description. Select from creating a Select from creating a Resource list, Worksheet, Extended learning, or Demo.

Collect up to 15 websites know the page title and URL and create annotations or directions. Viewing the track in frames will have the titles of pages in the left menu bar. Click on the title and the text of the page appears in the center.

Any links that are on the page in the center will open in a new tab. Search ready-made Tracks to get an idea of how they work. Viewing tracks in Chrome is possible, but this tool does not seem to work with Chrome to create tracks. Grades 5 to Choose the tab for the type of code to generate such as a Choose the tab for the type of code to generate such as a URL, your contact information, a calendar event, or a location.

Add information to the required boxes and personalize size and color, if desired. Click to generate your code. Right-click to save the generated QR code to your computer or use the link provided to share through email or social networking. Embed the QR code in a webpage using the embed code provided.

Create and share QR codes in a hurry Best Blog Post Ghostwriters Websites For this easy Web Quest For Book Reports use QR code generator.

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Choose to create a QR code to share source, URL's, contact information, or phone numbers and personalize with information of your choosing. Customizing options allow you to change the size of your QR code to fit any need. Sign in using your Google account to change your codes from static to dynamic.

This allows you the option to change information embedded in the code at any time.