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what areThe CBS Admission staff will consider the following criteria when making a link regarding admission: Effective for the Spring semester and every semester thereafter, all new CBS students are required to receive a vaccination against bacterial meningitis or to meet certain criteria for requesting a waiver from such a vaccination prior to registration for classes.

Students who are age years-old or older are exempt from this vaccination requirement, per SB62, which will become effective on January 1, Entering students are required to submit a completed Bacterial Meningitis Vaccine Form. For more information regarding the CBS vaccination requirement, including permissible waivers, please visit our Health Services Page.

First-time applicants are defined as those students who have not taken any previous college courses. First-time applicants are required to submit the following documentation: Please have all official transcripts forwarded to the following address: Military veterans can obtain transcripts from their particular branch of service through one of the following links: Begin the process for financial aid.

Submission of appropriate placement testing scores. An acceptable score from ONE of the following examinations will satisfy this requirement: Please feel free to review your application Type My Religious Studies Home Work by visiting MyApp.

Assistant Director of Admissions. Volunteer Alumni Services Coordinator. Coordinator of Student Services. Disabled veterans desiring to further their education under the VA Vocational Rehabilitation program should contact the Veterans Administration Counseling and Training office at There are a few unique features about CBS. One unique feature is CBS is both a article source and nationally accredited school.

Another unique feature is our Mission statement insert link. There are a number of good reasons why most students choose CBS. We have a very generous credit transfer policy. Our tuition rates are far more reasonable than any other 4-year school.

CBS provides a world-class education at a reasonable investment. CBS seeks applicants who are professed Christians, who are looking to further their education, and who are seeking to grow in a deeper relationship with the Lord. It is very easy to apply to CBS.

If you wish to meet with an admissions officer, make sure to set up a meeting via email or Type My Religious Studies Home Work beforehand. If it is during application, usually two months before the beginning of a semester, try to schedule an appointment to ensure they are not too busy to meet with prospective students.

The profile of our most successful student is one who seeks to fulfill the imperative in 1 Cor. Moreover, the successful student has a mindset to be challenged but not overwhelmed to glorify God through his or her seeking a deeper relationship with Him. The successful student delivers excellence in all these areas through maintaining this aforementioned perspective. If you feel like you should qualify for more assistance, we do have an appeal process.

CBS requires each student to serve in the Body of Christ in order to graduate. This requirement takes the form of Christian Service modules of 28 hours of service during 3 different semesters. Contact the Dean of Students for other work-study opportunities. Timely attendance to class, submission of assignments, and maintaining comprehension of the assigned reading places the student in the best position to be successful.

All of these requirements reflect the array of requirement options for a class. Depending on the class and grade level, there will be a combination of some or all of these aforementioned. The required and recommended textbooks are always listed in the course syllabus.

Having a personal computer is a staple for student success. CBS requires that a prospective student be a professed believer in Jesus Chris as the sole means for salvation. A fundamental level of computer skills is necessary in order to fulfill the course requirements. Depending on the degree plan, some of our programs require a capstone project that can be in the form of a thesis. Some of our degree plans offer the flexibility of interdisciplinary studies due here the large number of elective courses in the program.

That would be like asking a mother who her favorite child is! All of our curriculum are taught by world-class professors. The more popular bachelor programs include Biblical Counseling and Organizational Leadership. CBS offers an extremely personal class environment with class sizes averaging students. All CBS course are taught by the lead professor.

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Each Type My Religious Studies Home Work advertises office hours for a face-to-face meeting as well as e-mail and phone numbers.

Many Profs give out their personal cell numbers for maximum accessibility. Some go here have pre-requisites and cannot be taken until other courses are satisfactorily completed. A recommended course chart for each degree plan is listed in the Academic Catalog.

However, in most circumstance, the ultimate decision on course selection Type My Religious Studies Home Work with the student. However, early registration is encouraged in order to avoid seeking a course that is full. However, a student must be aware of the impact that switching majors may have on the completed and required courses.

For the academic advisor, student success is our mission and check this out. Resultantly, the advisor not only recommends applicable classes, they also assist in helping the new student in realizing overall success through our student success center. Most 4 year programs finish with a capstone class. The typical CBS class meets once a week for 3 hours. CBS employs the Logos biblical software program.

This class familiarizes the CBS student will all methods and venues for composing research papers of a sorts. Because of the smaller CBS class size, each student receives a more personal experience with his or her professor. CBS employs a number of approaches to ensure student success. Contact your academic advisor for ideas on how to best obtain assistance. However, each student is encouraged to obtain his or her own computer.

CBS student services offer world class service to our students. Another unique feature is our Mission statement. In addition to pell grant awards through fafsa. CBS offers a number of donor based scholarships. Below questions are divided up by academicssupport resourcesinternshipsstudy abroad programsextra-curricularresidential lifeand general cultureas well as some personal questions. The answer to this question depends on the course, objectives, and curriculum in each course.

Advisors are assigned by alphabet split. A student should check with his or her professor on a case-by-case basis. The answer to this question depends on the class and its objectives.

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Depending on the class and curriculum, such an approach is encouraged by the professor. A number of the course in each degree program fit this description. Do the librarians help with research? The purpose of this program is to meet the goal of providing financial assistance to CBS students, staff, faculty, and alumni who have suffered click at this page loss due to catastrophic events.

The goal of our QEP program is to equip students with a biblical worldview regarding the stewardship of their educational experience, time, finances, and the spiritual disciplines in order to prepare them not only for successful completion of a CBS degree, but also life after college. The concept of Stewardship is broken down into three parts to meet the above-stated goal in our new pilot first year experience course, GNED Through the course the student will be able 1 to adopt learning strategies that conform to how God designed the student as a learner; 2 to incorporate biblical truths in planning, prioritization and implementation for realizing educational goals; 3 to develop a spiritual service of worship in academic life, personal life, and local church ministries.

We want everyone to celebrate with us! Over the next several weeks you will see information regarding the QEP displayed on bulletin boards, in classrooms, the library, offices, and new student discipleship center.

We will be distributing QEP T-shirts, pens, and bookmarkers to our faculty, staff and students beginning today and over the next few weeks. We will have a table setup in the atrium on Tuesday and Thursday. If you miss receiving a shirt during the Type My Religious Studies Home Work distribution times please feel free to stop by the student services offices and we will be happy to provide you with a shirt. Thanks in advance for sharing in this exciting celebration with us. Due to the financial hardship I experienced as a result of the hurricane and flooding is there any financial assistance available for CBS students enrolled for the fall semester?

We are aware and are grieved that many of our students and their families have been dramatically impacted by Hurricane Harvey and the subsequent flooding. If you are one of these students, you can submit an application request to potentially increase your financial aid or apply for an emergency scholarship.

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Students will be contacted as soon as possible after their application is received and reviewed. Will the Deadline for Withdrawals Be Extended? We encourage any student considering withdrawal to contact registrar cbshouston. We are committed to working with students during this difficult time as they transition back to school. New Deadlines and Due Dates Are: If your financial aid is still being processed the financial aid staff will contact you with a decision or an update as soon as possible.

If you need to complete your MyFA portal for the fall semester, it is not too late. Please click here and log in using your Sonis Student ID and password or create a new account.

ClassZone Book Finder. Follow these simple steps to find online resources for your book. Are you wondering about what YOUR particular singing voice type is? Learn what the different singing voice types are and how to distinguish between them. I am pleased i found Proverbs 31, I love all the studies and they have touched my life and changed me to be a better Bible cyprus4u.info th two toddlers and a 2-month-ol. V.A. StudentsQualified veterans and the dependents of deceased or disabled veterans whose death or disability is a direct result of their military service may be. Learn about Metaphysics at UMS, a New Age School. New Age Spirituality courses and classes, Spiritual, New Age, Spirituality, School, Spiritual University/College.