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you might wantOlga Banis September 2, Comments. Continue reading on to learn how to find out what your particular voice type is. Soprano, mezzo-soprano, contralto, countertenor, tenor, baritone, or bass; all you need to know is in this post. Figuring out your voice type is not only a matter of looking at your vocal range, but at a number of different characteristics.

For example, vocal tessitura and timbre can be more important as range can be between types. This is usually the case with sopranos and mezzo-sopranos; they might have the same range but mezzo-sopranos have a lower tessitura and darker timbre. This is because many times physique determines what roles opera singers are going to audition for. If you sing in a choir or take voice lessons, you have probably already been classified as a soprano, mezzo-soprano, or contralto alto if you are a woman, and a countertenor, tenor, baritone, or bass if you are a man.

Test your voice according to the following specifications. Soprano is the highest female voice type. There are many types of sopranos like the coloratura soprano, lyric soprano, the soubrette etc. All of the sopranos have in common the ability to sing higher notes with ease.

A typical soprano can vocalize B3 to C6though a soprano coloratura can sing a lot higher than that reaching F6, G6 etc. At this point I would like Type My Own Story debunk a myth. It is widely thought that the higher a singer can sing, the better the singer is. Mezzo-Soprano is the second highest female voice type. In a choir, a mezzo-soprano will usually sing along the sopranos and not the altos and will be given the title of Soprano II. When the sopranos split in half, she will sing the lower melody as her timbre is darker and tessitura lower than the sopranos.

Though in the opera mezzo-sopranos most often hold supporting roles and trouser roles, i. Contralto is the lowest female Type My Own Story type. On the contrary, because true altos are hard to find, a true alto has greater chances of a solo carrier than a soprano.

A contralto is expected to be able to vocalize from E3 to F5however, the lower her tessitura, the more valuable she is. I have the pleasure to know a young Greek contralto whose range has experts puzzled. She can sing from Type My Own Story to F6! But unfortunately she has not yet been discovered. At this point, I would like to note something about altos and choirs. I have come across many women who have been classified as altos in their choir, though their voice type is really that of a mezzo-soprano or soprano.

From what I have come to realize, many choir directors instead of spending time to work with women who sing off tune, they decide to have them sing along the altos thinking that their false singing will blend in. This practice can be very detrimental, especially for young girls who strain their voices in order to sing lower than they can, and can produce irreversible damage.

The director might not be happy to do so, as choirs usually have more sopranos than altos, but insist that they at least test you out. Countertenor is the rarest Type My Own Story all voice types. A countertenor is a male singer who can sing as high as a soprano or Type My Own Story utilizing natural head resonance. As I said before, countertenors are extremely hard to come along and their ability to sing as high as C6 is admired by religious music connoisseurs.

Though extremely unique, countertenor is not an operatic voice type, as historically, it was the castrati male singers castrated before puberty who would be chosen for the female operatic roles — it was not proper for women to sing in the opera.

Instead, countertenors were popular in religious choirs, where women Kafkas The Essays also not allowed to participate. The castratti are out of the scope of this post, but for those click are interested to learn more about them, I would like to recommend the movie Farinelli, a literary twist on the life of Farinelli, the most famous castrato of all times.

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Tenor is the highest male voice type you will find in a typical choir. Though it is the voice type with the smallest range, it barely covers 2 octaves from C3 to B4tenors are the most sought after choir singers for two major reasons.

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The second reason is that most men, singers or not, fall under the baritone voice type. In the opera, the primo uomo Type My Own Story most often a tenor, and you will know he is a tenor because of the ringing quality in his voice. A true tenor has a high tessitura, above the middle C4, and uses a blend of head resonance and falsetto, as opposed to falsetto alone. Baritone is the most common male voice type. Though common, baritone is not at all ordinary. On the contrary, the click at this page and power of his voice, give the baritone a very masculine feel, something that in the opera has been used in roles of generals and, most notably, noblemen.

Don Giovanni, Figaro, Rigoletto, and Nabucco are all baritones. In a choir, a baritone will Type My Own Story learn about the particulars of his voice, since he will have to sing either with the tenors or the basses. Most baritones with a high tessitura choose to sing with the tenors, and respectively, the ones with a lower tessitura sing with the basses. Their range is anywhere between a G2 and a G4 but can extend in either way.

Let your fellow singers help out. Bass is the lowest male voice type, and thus a bass sings the lowest notes humanly possible. I tend to think of the deep bass notes as comparable to those of a violoncello, though some charismatic basses can hit notes lower than those of a cello.

A bass will be asked to sing anywhere between a D2 and an E4.

Though in a choir basses might have rather monotone melodic lines, in the opera they have a great range of roles to choose from. Basses are used as the villains and other dark characters, the funny buffos and in comic-relief roles, the dramatic princes, the noble fathers of heroines, elderly priests and more. Do you know the difference between a lyric soprano and a dramatic soprano or a leggero tenor and a spinto tenor? How can you tell which one you are? Learn all this and more in Type My Own Story second part of this post about the Article source Fach system.

Tags baritone bass contralto countertenor mezzo-soprano soprano tenor voice type. My voice is dark deep and strong in low notes like jennifer hudson and thin light and powerfull in high notes like mariah carey. Can you answer me??

Hi there, Look at my answer here: So I hope can I Type My Own Story you Skype, Facebook…anything. Thank you for your nice message. However, what I can tell you is that everyone can sing! For the lower pitches, I have a little difficulty going to E3 but higher pitches I take a longer time to gather them and I avoid singing them cuz they are also difficult to sing.

Alicia, to me you sound like a mezzo-soprano but click here you enjoy singing alto sing it! You have a huge range! Just sing what is comfortable for you because when you do that you are strong and confident! The way I sing changes sometimes.

I am not sure why. Will this change as I get older or is it just natural? Please let me know.

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Type My Own Story am also a sophomore in high school. I have been singing for a while now and my range is from G2-D6. I can go from G2-E5 in full voice without straining, and I also can hit a F 5 if I push hard with some strain, which I avoid most often. My falsetto is very high because I can go to a D6 and I also have a whistle register but I can only hit the notes from Mariah carey song Someday when she hits the whistle.

Is that weird that I can only hit those whistle notes? And voice type am I? My voice is heavy at the bottom of my chest range and when I extend it up with mix it carries some weight. Like I said, I can hit all the way to a F 5 in full voice is that weird? Will I keep my range?

I am read article alto in chorus, but my vocal range is D3 to A5. I can hit higher notes with lots of strain, but I can sing D3 easily I have been trained that way in chorus.

Hi Isabel, maybe you are a contralto with a widde high range, this voice is mezzocontralto or maybe you are a mezzosoprano, depends how soundso your voice and where is your comfortable tessitura. A mezzocontralto is a true contralto, but with a bigger and easier high range. You have a incredible range, let me tell you that! I think you would be best as a tenor, since you say you hit high notes with ease.

If your voice already changed, it is unlikely that it will change a whole lot more. Smoking will ruin your high notes. I would kill for a vocal range like that. I wish you all the best!!! What is my voice type? I am a girl. Hi Holly, there are many contralto categories. If you means only the tessitura Type My Own Story, contralto with a short high range like Kathleen Ferrier, mezzocontralto aka contralto with a widde high link like Maria Alboni and Clara Butt who sang mezzosoprano parts like Eboli.

My vocal range is a fry G1 to head voice F6. My comfortable range is that G1 to C6. Hi there, glad I found this post. Not sure if you will be able to read this but I need Type My Own Story on the classification of my voice.

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