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the one hand, willI know that several people have already listened to my interview with Dr.

Burt Berkson and have found him to be truly inspirational. My decision to transcribe the interview a very time-consuming process!

I knew she would love it: Since my Mom is now hard of hearing, I knew it would be very difficult, if not impossible, for her to listen to it. Hence, the transcript that follows. I hope that others of you who are hard of hearing, as well as those without good computer speakers -- and others, who would simply rather read than listen -- will enjoy the printed version this terrific interview!

Hello, this is Julia Schopick, for HonestMedicine. Today, I am honored to have as my guest one of the few people in this world I consider to be a true visionary: This treatment click alpha lipoic acid, an antioxidant therapy that Dr. Berkson has been using successfully since the mids -- first to treat people with terminal liver disease; and then, in ensuing years, also to treat people with many other diseases and conditions, including diabetic neuropathy, Top Homework Ghostwriters Website For Phd autoimmune diseases, and the very deadly pancreatic cancer -— the cancer that is considered to be one of the most hopeless.

Reading them would take too much time away from our interview. Instead, I am posting them on HonestMedicine. Suffice it to say that Dr.

In addition, for 23 years he was the principal FDA investigator for the intravenous use of alpha lipoic acid. He is also the expert consultant to the Centers for Disease Control on alpha lipoic acid and liver poisoning. Berkson has published scientific papers in medical journals throughout Europeand is an active scientific writer, researcher, and speaker. Berkson has a very busy nutritional and integrative medicine practice in Las Cruces, NM, where patients come to him from all over the world.

He is also an adjunct professor of applied biology at New Mexico State University. The dramatic story of how you first used Alpha Lipoic Acid continue reading you were a young medical resident is the stuff movies are made of.

Hearing and reading about your experience was a paradigm-shifting event for me because it taught me, very sadly, that the medical establishment is NOT in the business of saving lives.

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Can you please tell us the story? I was a resident in internal medicine in a teaching hospital in Cleveland Ohio, and one day the chief of medicine came by and said, I am very upset with you. I thought he was kidding. Most people have seen several deaths by now and you haven't seen any. They have Top Homework Ghostwriters Website For Phd and fulminant liver disease.

They ate poisonous mushrooms, and the expert on liver disease said we cannot get a transplant for them, and nothing can save them. So I want you to go upstairs, watch them die, take notes and present this to grand medical rounds. And I went upstairs and I looked at these two very sick people. And as a medical doctor, especially in internal medicine, you're supposed to follow the orders of the chief, just like a private would follow the orders of a sergeant.

But I had six years of education above my medical training, for a masters and a PhD in microbiology and cell biology, and I was always looking link new things. But when he gave it to people, it seemed to regenerate their organs. It seemed to stimulate their stem cells and to start growing and regenerating new organ tissue. He sent the lipoic acid to me. I picked it up at the Cleveland airport about three hours later.

The commercial pilot handed it to me. I ran back to the hospital and injected it into these two people for a period of two weeks. And in two weeks, they regenerated their livers fully. One of the people whom Dr.

I was all excited. Washington was all excited.

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But the chiefs were not happy with me. Well, they seemed to be angry. You know, it makes us look bad.

And you did something without asking us for permission. And you did not follow orders like a good internal medicine doctor. I was sort of depressed by this. You know, it was very different from what I had seen as a professor of biology. You know, when I discovered something new in biology, everybody would pat me on the back and give me awards.

In medicine, it seemed to me that if you discovered something new, you were sort of thought of as an outlaw. Well, anyway, more people came in, and I was told I should not do this again. And the National Institutes of Health started supporting my work. I think because of that, the people at the hospital I was at had to go along with what I was doing, and eventually Dr.

Bartter and I published a paper on 79 people with so-called terminal liver disease, and 75 of them regenerated their livers, with just intravenous lipoic acid. There was no interest in the United States; almost nothing. My first short note was in the New England Journal of Medicine. My own personal opinion was that it was because there was no large pharmaceutical company sponsoring the work. There was no one to take out ads in the magazines i. Bartter and I were invited Top Homework Ghostwriters Website For Phd Europe to be visiting scientists at the Max Planck Institute and we published it in Europe.

No, that was my paper on hepatitis C. This was in the proceedings of the conference on liver Top Homework Ghostwriters Website For Phd and mushroom poisoning. After we had 4 this web page with such remarkable results, Dr. Bartter and several other doctors flew into Cleveland and set up a national conference on organ regeneration.

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I was the lead speaker. I know that Dr. Bartter was very, very disappointed that there was no more interest. I think this is just business. If somebody wants to get a drug approved by the FDA, they have to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to do this.

Even if the research has already been done in prestigious hospitals in Asia or in Europe, they Top Homework Ghostwriters Website For Phd have to do them all over again in the United States. They're not willing to spend all that money to get this approved by the FDA. Http:// mean, if you were a multi-millionaire, would you spend all this money to get a drug approved?

I do get it, though. Well, the problem here is that no one has found a way to make big money on it. And that is this: OK, we understand pharmaceutical companies, right? But how about the doctors? These patients came to you, and their livers regenerated. Is that the case? Well, I can give you a specific story. A woman from the San Francisco area was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and metastases to her liver.

She went to a large university medical center. They told her that nothing could be done. But she had a friend who was a biologist who had read some of my work.

And she and her friend flew out to New Mexico where Dr.

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Berkson practicesand her friend actually had to help her walk into the office, she was so weak and cachectic — NOTE: Cachexia is a condition of starvation, often associated with cancer. We started her on intravenous alpha lipoic acid four days a week, and I also gave her low dose naltrexone, which modulates the immune system at bedtime.

I saw her first in December. By May, there was no sign of cancer. The tumor in the pancreas was gone, and the metasteses in the liver had disappeared. This will be appearing in an upcoming publication in Integrative Cancer Therapies in the next several months. But in this case, the cancers disappeared within five or six months. Click she couldn't stay in New Mexico forever.

She had to go home. You said she was almost dying of starvation when she came in to see you. Oh, I think they were amazed. In fact, her doctor called me and we talked for a long time, and I said that she could do this and the patient could continue the treatment in San Francisco. But this is very troubling. We understand that the drug companies do what they do.