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giant glass bridge thatTime to write THAT letter again. Homework starts in preschool in many cases, and it only goes up from there.

They even establish quotas: Ten minutes per grade. What a surefire way to get kids to hate school. Kids need time to get other needs met. What do kids need?

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Time goofing around and picking their nose. Time pursuing their own interests. Time doing family chores. And an early bed. There you have it: Play, family time and sleep. My kids get hours of sleep each night.

Instead of homework, kids here do much better in school if they got their full quota of sleep and were in bed by 7: What the principal will say. As a parent, perhaps you understand. There is such a short amount of time in every day. School learning takes up most of the day, and when school is out kids need space and time for other things. My son gets home around 4pm. He gets into pajamas around 8pm.

In those short four hours, he —. My view is homework interrupts home learning. That can come much later, in middle school. In our family we already do this every day. We will take an interest in what our kids learn in school, but not tell them to do it. No parent signatures signing off on assignments, etc. What to you think? Would you do the same? It takes courage to buck the system, but childhood is worth it.

Now you can read MORE about homeworkbanning homework and opting out for your family or classroom in the new book: Learn more at heathershumaker. Curious about what happened? Read the post Homework Letter Update or other homework posts. I am in complete, total, and absolute agreement with you!

Heather, I agree completely with what you say in your article. I have to say though, that what worries me even more are the situations in which parents load their children up with so many extra curricular activities, that all the time that would normally be free time is so structured and goal oriented that in the end the child is not able to play in an unstructured environment and ultimately has no free time anyways.

This approach is great except and I totally agree in allowing children to stretch this part of their development…. There are also parents focused on bringing home enough income to provide the basics to feed and clothe their children.

They have to do this by working two jobs and are exhausted when they get home. There is no structure, rules or accountability. All of this is good in theory, however it does not always happen in real life. Regardless if the teacher gives homework or not. I think part of the point of this article is that kids should have a decent amount of time to decide for themselves what activities to pursue. I agree with you percent.

If kids have all this homework, what are they learning in school. I agree somewhat with this article, however, YOU have no idea how much time teachers put in! I am a teacher and parent of 3 who hates homework. Your comment offends me.

Hi Http://, I found your article after sitting here in frustration and link ready to search the internet for Arizona laws regarding homework.

My son is in 2nd grade at a fantastic Charter school in Scottsdale.

Look at what failure to fully vet (or good-old-boy hire) has brought Kirbyville ISD. A tragic death, chaos, conflicting accounts of events, court actions, apparent. It’s back-to-school time. Time to write THAT letter again. The letter to my child’s new teacher that explains why our family bans homework. That’s right. I care. The Texarkana Gazette is the premier source for local news and sports in Texarkana and the surrounding Arklatex areas. Try our best English essay writing service features that you can imagine. We provide superior quality original and custom essays with high-speed delivery.

Spanish homework, spelling words to write over and over again, common core math which I despise the common core methodwriting a story using the weekly vocabulary words, reading for 20 minutes more, and now a new internet homework site.

We logged on and my tired son could not figure out the math and started throwing a fit, crying, and kicking the computer table. My heart just broke. No child should have to be this tired, first of all. And second, have to do 2 hours or more worth of homework in 2nd grade. I talked to him for a while and calmed him down — asked him to go play a song for me on the new drum set I bought for him last week. And, I will continue to do his homework for his so Top Homework Editor For Hire Us as I know that he knows how to do it.

I want my son to play with his dog, his cat, his drums, his mom — sit down and eat dinner, laugh, talk to me, jump on his trampoline — whatever he wants to do. I am also in Arizona. We have great homeschool laws.

Both of my boys rock standardized tests and they are both performing at or above grade level in every subject. There are TONS of homeschool support groups for socializing opportunities and co-op learning opportunities. IM a student at imagine coolige in arizona and i love this lady. As a retired teacher and parent to 3 beautiful daughters, I must disagree. For example many of my students were only going to learn addition, subtraction facts etc. I taught grades 1 and 2 and every Monday I sent home the homework for the week so the parents could decide when and how to do it.

This also kept the parents in the loop — they knew what was being covered in school. I did not send a staggering amount of work home — on average 20 minutes per day — why does it have to be all or nothing?

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Why 20 more minutes? I know that you have MORE kids, but you also have more time. That is a huge reason we homeschooled. Well rounded, educated kids with little effort. Way to be a bit judgmental there.

If you are not a classroom teacher, you have no idea how hard it is to teach everything that needs to be taught in 6 hours. It is entirely different with your own children. My oldest is in college on a full mathematics scholarship. And check this out went to gasp public school! So I know it is successful….

Now see how silly that sounds? The great thing about education today is that there are options for everyone! Both ways work if parents are involved. And for what it is worth, I actually agree with the blogger. Most homework in elementary is just Top Homework Editor For Hire Us. Well — they have 30 kids and only one of them.

Of course it is easier to teach one or two children the same amount of material in 2 hours. I think most teachers would love to have a 1: When you have a 1: The public education system was a complete nightmare for me. I had undiagnosed ADD. The public education system in our country is very supportive of and practically tailored to left brained thinkers. There are several wonderful TED videos available on youtube that help perfectly illustrate and confirm that this can be verified historically.

She just very firmly believes in her decision to homeschool. And it CAN be done in just a few hours a day. Basically kids will be having one of many state testing situations going on that will take 2hrs in itself.

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Along with continual testing for timed reading or math test on a weekly basis. Kids are out of the class so much, band assemblies, social work, speech, OT, PT,pictures, buddy reading gym,music,art other pullouts for this and that. I always say, a parent should sit in a classroom everyday for a week. Some do show improvement, others lack so much cause they are hardly ever in their class.