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Secondly, development of brand loyalty amongst consumers of a brand allows the seller of the brand to take advantage of premium pricing abilities. This fact will remain true because consumers who become loyal to a brand become highly inelastic in terms of the price of that brand and are therefore found to be willing to pay a higher price for the brand . 0 A study to indicate the importance of brand awareness in brand choice - A cultural perspective Department of Business Studies FEC , Bachelor degree dissertation. consumer (Aaker, ). The brand image is created by marketing communications, but ultimately by the sum of all consumer’s experiences in relationship with the brand. It is important for companies to understand that discrepancies between brand identity and brand image can arise. Brand identity and brand image are related but distinct concepts. However, this thesis aims to find out which among these three dimensions (brand image, brand loyalty and perceived quality) appear to have the least brand equity in both restaurants and to find out if customer based-brand equity differ between the two restaurants with respect to each attribute of brand awareness, brand image, perceived quality and brand . AN EXPLORATION OF BRAND IDENTITIES: UNDERSTANDING BRANDS AND THE IMPORTANCE OF ADAPTATION. by. KATE ROHRICH. A THESIS. Presented to the School of Journalism and.

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