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canShe entered the Dominican sisterhood in and later became a teacher.

She received a bachelor's degree from the Dominican College in Racine ina master's degree from the College of St. Paul in and a doctorate at St. Louis University in Her doctoral dissertation was on Essay P A in Catholic texts, and she was a lifelong activist dedicated to increasing tolerance and understanding between Christians and Jews. Her work was referenced in deliberations for the Nostra Aetate: Declaration on the Relation of the Church to Non-Christian Religionsa document adopted at the Second Vatican Council that reversed the Roman Catholic Church's official position on relations with the Jewish religion and people, having a lasting affect on inter-faith relations.

Sister Rose Thering was a teacher at the Sister Rose Thering Essay for Judeao-Christian Studies at Seton Hall University, continued to be an outspoken activist in favor of Judeao-Christian relations throughout her life, and received many awards for her work, including the Cardinal Bea Interfaith Award from the Anti-defamation League in She was instrumental in the creation of legislation in mandating that the Holocaust be taught in New Jersey schools. The collection includes writings, correspondence, speeches, travel information, and subject files.

Most of the material dates from Sister Rose Thering's time in New Jersey working for the Institute for Judaeo-Christian studies, and documents her teaching and scholarly activities, her work for the state of New Jersey in creating legislation for the teaching of the Holocaust, her international activism, and her travel to gives talks to a Sister Rose Thering Essay variety of audiences. The materials also demonstrate Sister Rose Thering's varied research interests in subject files within each series.

In the addition, there is also a large variety of materials written by John. The collection has been arranged topically, and some material may overlap across series. Collection is currently being processed at the Msgr. Advance appointments are required for the use of archival materials. Reproduction of materials or content is subject to United States copyright restrictions and may be subject to federal or state privacy regulations.

Permission to publish exact reproductions must be obtained from the Director of the Archives and Special Collections Center. Terms of accession unknown. Biographical information, scope and contents Sister Rose Thering Essay, and administrative information added, HTML finding aid created by Tracy M. Select items from this collection have been digitized. To view these items, click here.

Osterreicher papers,Mss Flannery papers,Mss Michael Wyschogrod papers,Mss There is information about the early history of the endowment, meeting minutes for throughand detailed information on the Evening of Roses from through This includes paperwork asking Elie Wiesel to speak at the Evening of Roses. This series covers information on the Endowment in general from to Sister Rose's personal papers range in date from to Included in this series are certificates that Sister Rose received, as well as awards.

There are so biographical sketches of Sister Rose and her curriculum vitae. This series provides some of Sister Rose's various professional writings, such as her papers she submitted for her master's degree from the Institute of Judaeo-Christian studies.

Writings by John M. Oesterreicher are also included, such as his Sister Rose Thering Essay notes to Sister Rose, letters and announcements to the Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies, and his published works. These papers and works originated between and Sister Rose appears to have collected various articles, newspaper clippings, publications, and correspondence concerning Catholics and Christians in an array of facets: These works were created between and Jewish-Christian studies and relations were Sister Rose's central concern in her studies.

She collected a number of articles, newspaper clippings, and publications on this subject, dated from through There are also letters of protest that Sister Rose wrote and sent to the United States government about her disagreements with their practices and policies on the Middle East, specifically Israel. This series also includes some of Sister Rose's work on the subject and her Essay Books Reading. This series includes works from through These folders focus on groups that promoted Holocaust education, especially Sister Rose's work in creating Holocaust education law in New Jersey.

There are also newspaper articles and other Holocaust research provided in this series. One minute to midnight for Soviet Jews: This series documents many of the events that Sister Rose attended and speeches that she gave from to Sister Rose Thering Essay of these folders include the actual speeches she gave with handwritten notes and corrections on the papers.

Sister Rose led many study tours in Israel, and this series represents her work to teach Americans about Israel, with the information being generated from to There are folders that document the budget for these trips, as well as folders dedicated to her research on Israel. There is also information from the A Ini File Write To How Php Conference on Women Religious in and This series covers information from to This organizations' prime purpose appears to be to generate peace and friendship between people with different ideologies.

For the most part, these organizations focus on Jewish-Christian relations.

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American Embassy in Israel: God's Mercy Endures Forever: Swidler, Leonard, and Gerard S. The photographs were taken between and Highlights include the Israel tour, which hundreds of color photographs were taken, and the albums dedicated to the Evening of Roses, primarily in color and in 4 x 6 format. Sister Rose's mission to Israel album and Susan's Israel tour album, photocopies of original albums.

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Seton Hall University Israel study tour albums 1 and 2, photocopies of original albums, ca. Sister Rose with Governor Florio and others, removed from folder titled, "New Jersey Governors Kean and Florio- correspondence, ," original photographs and copy of original photograh, undated.

Portraits of Sister Rose, original photographs and photocopies of original loose photographs, undated. Sister Rose at The Pingry School's Holocaust Remembrance Day, removed from folder titled, "Publicity 1," original photograph and photocopy of original photograph, ca.

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Alumni Merit Award, St. Louis University, original Sister Rose Thering Essay and photocopy of original photograph. Sister Rose the navigatrix, original photograph, negatives, and photocopy of original loose photograph, undated. Sister Rose with Governor McGreevey, Kean University ceremony, and unidentified photographs, original photograps and photocopies of original loose photographs, undated. Dinner party album and concert album, original photographs and photocopies of original albums,ca.

Sunday, April 22, and Sunday, April 14, Tenth Annual Evening of Roses: Eleventh Annual Evening of Roses, May 2, Twelfth Annual Evening of Roses: Sister Rose Thering Essay subject files were collected between and There is one folder here the Leitz family, that was created after Sister Rose's death, and there is much uncertainly of the creator's identity.

These folders, in general, appear to be people of interest or power. International Education, and Citizens for Article source Understanding. Rose Thering papers, Mss Rose Elizabeth Thering was born on 9 Augustentered the Dominican sisterhood at 16 and later became a teacher.

She was a lifelong activist dedicated to increasing tolerance and understanding between Christians and Jews, and her work had great impact, from legislation mandating the teaching of the Holocaust in New Jersey schools to documents created at the Second Vatican Council changing the relationship of the Catholic Church with Jewish people.

Sister Rose Thering died 6 May Evening of Roses Evening of Roses ' Lautenberg - reception for: The Voice of Roman Catholic Tradition. A News journal of Prochoice Catholic Sister Rose Thering Essay, 3 vols. Edith Stein Guild Award- correspondence, etc.

Resource center for Holocaust and genocide studies- Ramapo C. Prof for Peace in the M. Ariel Sharon trial materials: Christian study group on Israel: Guidelines for Jewish-Catholic marriages: International symposium in Rome: Crime and Punishment, Melamed, Joseph A. New Jersey Governor Whitman: The Problems and Status of Jews in America, ca.

Recent movements in the Catholic Church re: Sister Rose's testimony in support of Moynihan's bill H. Tanenbaum, Rabbi Marc H. Watchung Hills Regional High School: