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are also balloonWhen the learning team assignments were posted, each member of the team quickly began to communicate with each other and the ideas on effective strategies began to flow.

We used the forum to gather our ideas as to the best way to communicate and share our ideas, and we all felt using the forum for all of the team communication would be the most effective Relevant Film Or Book Report to keep everyone informed and accountable for the team projects. There was a mention of swapping phone numbers, but that has never had to happen. Living in different areas of the country and in different times zones would make any real Relevant Film Or Book Report communication difficult, if not impossible for the team.

Right from the start, we appointed leaders for each of the 4 weeks and began dividing up the work so that everyone would be participating equally. Different threads were created for different topics so that we would know exactly where the information we were looking for or needed to post belonged.

Everyone has been very cooperative and attentive to the team and we have all been doing an equal share of the assignments. The team leaders for each week have been posting the required work for the week on the forum and the work is divided and assigned to each team member. The leaders also post their expectations of the team for that week and the deadlines for when they expect the work.

Once the team leader has put together the final paper they have this web page posting it final on the forum for the rest of the team to review. Pamela Knothe Learning Team Police Report When writing reports and documents, it is important that information is detailed and precise.

Working in the criminal justice system is one field that holds the highest demand for competency and accuracy. Appearing in front of a judge and jury when prosecuting an individual suspected of a crime requires facts and perfection.

Reports begin when an officer apprehends a person of interest and hands the reports to the prosecuting attorney, who will present the information before the judge and jury.

This holds each division of the criminal justice system responsible for their actions if not completed correctly. An officer is responsible for providing well-written reports to his or her supervisor. It is not only a matter of making sure it is a detailed report to avoid confusing the reader but also the officer also has to double check the report for spelling, grammar, and sentence structure.

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Whenever a poorly written police report reaches the supervisor, there are several potential reactions he or she may have. One possibility is that the supervisor will return it to the officer and Complete the following matrix by filling out each category. Provide a brief description of how each component was used in the film you selected. University of Phoenix Material: Film Matrix; University of Phoenix Material: Include detailed speaker notes.

Why or why not? Comedy and Horror presentation. The structure is 2.

The site was designed to offer the best to drug researchers including flexible office space with mobile accommodations. Such a space offerssquare feet of dedicated facilities that are designed to maximize drug research for profit Pfizer, The building even saves money by being self-sustaining with electric car charging stations, micro-turbines and photo-voltaic cells.

Research at the Groton facility is devoted to comparative medicine, drug safety, clinical trials, pharmaceuticals, medicinal chemistry, pharmacokinetics and medical dynamics.

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This entire profile is committedto a company that is unafraid to spend money to make billions in profits. Pfizer is the largest research based drug company in the world with 65 billion dollars in revenue Pfizer, Pfizer invests heavily in developing their unique signature pharmaceutical products.

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For Pfizer a successful drug product has four phases. Phase one is approximately million dollars of investment. Testing is done in labs for several years, from there it is Relevant Film Or Book Report tested on a small sample population of healthy humans to determine its Intro Landslide Limousine is a small company comprised of 25 employees looking to enter into the Austin TX area. Your employees will be very well compensated so my team has come up with a performance management system that will include activities that ensure goals are being met on a consistent effective and efficient manner.

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This will increase Job satisfaction from employees and it also holds the employee accountable for their own productivity and performance. Our performance management plan will demonstrate how the performance management system aligns with your business strategy, the organizational philosophy, the function that job analyses will serve in the performance management plan, methods used for appraising performance, and an approach for delivering effective performance feedback from your employees.

This system allows you to plan ahead and set expectations and goals to meet for your drivers and office employees. Your business strategy is to have the best customer service rating in all of the Limo companies in Austin Texas but offer lower prices We were also asked to calculate favorable and unfavorable financial leverage and interest.

This was a topic that I had quite a bit if firsthand knowledge with because when out SOX was first introduced our organization took it seriously and each employee click at this page the company from the top down was responsible to attend the training and would be held accountable for their actions at every level of the organization.

We also had good discuss about lease versus purchase and which option is better for individuals. It was interesting to see the different outlooks and opinions that other people had relating to whether they preferred leasing or purchasing. We had our week four calculation problems again which I struggled with several of them this week but not quite as many as the week before. I have watched the videos and utilized other sources to answer the There are various measuring methods that organizations can use to determining and establishing the value.

Some of the methods and the reason for valuation have been identified below. Stock types and bonds: The stock valuation video covered the different types of stocks and well as bonds. There are common stocks and preferred stocks. Preferred stocks are considered to be a hybrid between a common stock and a bond.

This form of stock will have no maturity and can be sometimes redeemable. A common stock is when an individual purchases a share of an organization and they own that share until they want to sell their share for the market value.

A debt or a bond is another form of investment that private investors can use. A bond is a contract which has a set time period, as well as set cash flows.

Once the bond is matured then the investor will receive their set return amount, although investors who have bonds will receive their return on investment before the stockholders. A key is a unique identifier that distinguishes rows within a database table. To view examples, please refer to your text. As part of your analysis of the new business venture, prepare a 1, to 1,word proposal to the CEO in which Relevant Film Or Book Report discuss: The different forms of business organizations that may be selected as the basis for the business The characteristics of a corporation The different types of stocks and corresponding characteristics, which a corporation may issue The advantages and disadvantages to the corporate form of doing business Cite the source or sources the data you used to calculate your ratios and Relevant Film Or Book Report horizontal and vertical analysis in your paper.

If you used an electronic source, include the URL. If you used a printed source, please attach a copy of the data to your paper. As part of your analysis of the new business venture, prepare a 1, to 1,word proposal to the CEO in which you Assignments from the Readings 5 pts Resources: Tools for Business Decision Making Prepare responses to the following assignment from the e-text. The defense then presents his witnesses. In this case, the witnesses for the defense are to help make a case for Riff stating he is innocent.

The defense attorney needs to make sure his seven witnesses sound credible and Relevant Film Or Book Report their stories are correct to his knowledge.

Last, the prosecution and defense have their closing arguments. The defense goes after the prosecution and this is where they try to persuade the jury to find their client innocent. A witness is a person that has knowledge of the case they are involved in.

Their testimony can either help or hurt a defendant. Both the prosecution and defense have witnesses. Written Relevant Film Or Book Report oral communications are used within the courtroom in the Minnesota v. In this case the prosecution has many witnesses that have information implementing Riff for the crime.

Once the prosecution asks their questions the defense then has their turn. The defense attorney asks the Relevant Film Or Book Report questions in regards to what they said when the prosecution asked them questions and they also ask the witnesses their own questions.

The defense attorney tries to pick apart the witnesses stories to help his client. The witnesses for the defense team usually tell a different story from the prosecution witnesses.

The prosecution then has their time to Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry book or film 2. The Color Purple by Alice Walker book or film 4.

A Time to Kill film 6. Save the Last Dance 9. Lean on Me film View or read the book or film, keeping an eye on the cultural issues or problems portrayed in the work. Write a minimum 5-page paper that proposes a plan for delivering culturally competent services to one of the characters who is a member of a minority group studied in this course appearing in the book or film that the team selects.

Develop specific culturally competent strategies to address those issues for the identified character. You may also choose to assess an agency online if all information is available on their website but this must still be a national agency or organization.

Write a minimum 5-page does not include title page or reference page paper that reports your method, findings, and Read article of the overall competency of the agency. In addition to this also include the following information: A brief history of the site agency 2. The population served 3. The services offered 4. A mission statement 5. It must present them in a meaningful way along with suggestions for specific steps to mitigate each of the most important vulnerabilities or risk pairs it finds.