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sitting right down dinnerWe had a few hours to burn at Ataturk Airport, Istanbul. Si you find me there when you are done? I regarded the timepiece with awe. A bored voice came out of the ginger beard: I found Shukri at the bookstore.

The air in the bookstore smelled of words and paragraphs. A cash register machine opened with a clang. I turned the book over and read the blurb. There were six species of humans on earthyears ago, yet today there is only one — homo sapiens. What happened to the others?

And will the same fate befall us? The book seeks to answer these questions that Shukri was dying to know. Shukri wants to know what happened to the other five species. I bet it gives him sleepless nights thinking about the fate that befell homo erectus.

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I make fun of him now but I was impressed by his cerebral choice of literature which compared to mine makes me look like a complete eejit. I read for knowledge like everybody else but mostly I read for entertainment and to learn as a writer.

I like silly books that make me laugh out Redemption In Kite Runner Thesis in the middle of the night when I lose sleep. I want to read with a smile or a smirk on my face or a deep frown when the heroine is sitting on the edge of a ledge contemplating suicide. I obviously feel a moderate level of remorse for those five human species, I do. Some will miss the train. I think this book is very thought provoking.

I also think the price of a Patek Phillippe is thought provoking, I wanted to add. Oh well, to each his own. A book that Redemption In Kite Runner Thesis a blurb that reads: We later Redemption In Kite Runner Thesis to our gate to wait for boarding as we talked about the speed of reading books: I take three weeks with a book.

I soak in a book, I go back to read paragraphs and chapters. I sometimes read a great paragraph and I just sit still, savouring that feeling of having consumed something magical.

If I want to eat a banana in the middle of a riveting story, I will stop and go look for a banana. Words are not perishable, bananas are. Here is my not so cerebral reading list of the books I have consumed lately. This book kept popping up in various articles I was reading online. So wit and wheelchair. You need to fill it out mentally as well as physically. Read it only because Hemingway invented the turn of phrase.

It was like eating funeral food. It has not too shabby reviews on Amazon, though. For the longest time I thought Grisham was the holy grail. Then I outgrew him. She wakes up Top Phd Writing Sites University a hangover and the taste of sickness at the back of her throat. There is a manipulative man and a go here that overlooks the railway tracks.

There is blood and romance — sometimes at the same time. A kind-hearted roommate presides over this tale without being a part of it. Fast paced and full of texture and aroma. Bourdain gives everybody who struggles hope.

Also try his other book, Medium Raw, also a good read full of pace and literal panache. His books have done very well. I discovered Tim in The Guardian. He writes a weekly family column, quite eccentric, self deprecating.

His writing is deceptively simple. When you vaguely recall how you you used to fill your time before your started reading them. Then I discovered he had written a book, I bought that also. It starts great until he starts feeling like a handbook. Plus he plays the goddamn banjo. Like I said, he deserves a nasty wife. Writes for the Sunday Times and has written for the Guardian and a bunch of other publications.

She is unconventional, has no sense of filter, asks rude questions in interviews, writes honestly and without favour. I just bought two of her books; this one and A Curious Career. There is a sense of anticipation and excitement.

Tonight I will start with one after I have done pinki-pinki-ponky. I hope it rains. The Ghosts of Oduor Jagero http: Born a Crime — Trevor Noah Everybody says this book is a hoot.

There, what are have you been reading lately?

Please share it here with a para about why we should read it? The thing I like about this article is the fact that there is no mention of a book by a Kenyan writer.

In case you wanted to get the plot and not necessarily the story. Kinda sad that the only book I have read herein above is The River and the Source. The Perk… Because we all should read one legal thriller that is not John Grisham.

And we all want our heroes to fall before they triumph. I read Grisham all the time, currently trying to give others a chance. Through my African eyes — Jeff Koinange. Riveting stories,wonderful prose that sounds and feels very Kenyan.

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Surprisingly at least to me really good. All the bright places left me in tears.

Check out her latest book Holding up the universe got it Textbook Centre-Junction. Any book by G. Below is a quote from one of his books: Out of my love I warn them to keep clear of this book. It is a collection of crude and shapeless papers upon current or rather flying subjects; and they must be published pretty much as they stand.

They were written, as a rule, at the last moment; they were handed in the moment before it was too late, and I do not think that our commonwealth would have been shaken to its foundations if they had been Redemption In Kite Runner Thesis in the moment after. They must go out now, with all their article source on their head, or rather click at this page mine; for their vices are too vital to be improved with a blue pencil, or with anything I can think of, except dynamite.

Chesterton, All Things Considered. I must admit that am a sucker of Jeffrey Archer. In my opinion once you start reading his books there is no letting go. Just finished reading Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult. The mix of family emotion, medicine and courtroom drama in Lone Wolf will leave you with a lump of disbelief lodged in your throat. She gives each character a whole chapter of their own and introduce them to the world in a very captivating manner.

I totally loved it. So you really changed your profile picture? I bet you have two more to go — because a man uses about three profile pictures throughout his lifetime — anything over that is girly. But this guy is tall, see how close his head is to the ceiling: He needs to take a selfie with a short person so that we see the contrast.

Currently reading the Clifton Chronicles. I can hardly wait to get my hands on book 7. Now reading A man called Ove… cos life is too short not to read books that make you laugh out loud: Born a Crime — Trevor Noah… five stars all the way!! I like Yvonnes choice.

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Hey Biko; The Art Of Seduction by Robert Greene, and ooh how nice it is until it gets to the last pages where you feel that Greene himself has no clue at what he is talking about.