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watering holesThe Project Gutenberg, ; Transcribed: Preface by William L.

Riordon A Tribute by Charles F. Honest Graft and Dishonest Graft Chapter 2. How To Become a Statesman Chapter 3. To Hold Your District: On The Shame of the Cities Chapter 8. Ingratitude in Politics Chapter 9. Reciprocity in Patronage Chapter Brooklynites Natural-Born Hayseeds Chapter Tammany Leaders Not Bookworms Chapter Dangers of the Dress Suit in Politics Chapter On Municipal Ownership Chapter Concerning Gas in Politics Chapter On the Use of Money in Politics Chapter Bosses Preserve the Nation Chapter Concerning Excise Chapter Strenuous Life of the Tammany District Leader.

THIS volume discloses the mental operations of perhaps the most thoroughly practical politician of the day — George Washington Plunkitt, Tammany leader of the Fifteenth Assembly District, Sachem of the Tammany Society and Click the following article of the Elections Committee of Tammany Hall, who has held the offices Plunkitt Of Tammany Hall Book Report State Senator, Assemblyman, Police Magistrate, County Supervisor and Alderman, and who boasts of his record in filling four public offices in one year and drawing salaries from three of them at the same time.

The discourses that follow were delivered by him from his rostrum, Plunkitt Of Tammany Hall Book Report bootblack stand in the County Courthouse, at various times in the last half-dozen years. Their absolute frankness and vigorous unconventionality of thought and expression charmed me. Plunkitt said right out what all practical politicians think but are afraid to say.

There seemed to be a general recognition of Plunkitt as a striking type of the practical politician, a politician, moreover, who dared to say publicly what others in his class whisper among themselves in the City Hall corridors and the hotel lobbies. For the information of others, the following sketch of his career is given. He was born, as he proudly tells, in Central Park — that is, in the territory now included in the park.

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How he entered politics he explains in one of his discourses. His advancement was rapid. He was in the Assembly soon after he cast his first vote and has held office most of the time for forty years.

Inthrough a strange combination of circumstances, he held the places of Assemblyman, Alderman, Police Magistrate and County Supervisor and drew three salaries at once — a record unexampled in New York politics. Plunkitt is now a millionaire.

He has no office.

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Plunkitt On Tammany Hall. 5 Pages Words. Reading William L. Riordon’s Plunkitt of Tammany Hall provided an insight on many different themes at the turn of the. “An Analysis of Plunkitt of Tammany Hall” William Bryce History Austin Community College November 30, The purpose of this book report is to analyze the. Plunkitt of Tammany Hall: A Series of Very Plain Talks on In Plunkitt of Tammany Hall Riordan you MUST read this book. George Washington Plunkitt was /5(65).

His headquarters is the County Plunkitt Of Tammany Hall Book Report bootblack stand. There he receives his constituents, transacts his general business and pours forth his philosophy. Plunkitt has been one of the great powers in Tammany Hall for a quarter of a century. While he was in the Assembly and the State Senate he was one of the most influential members and introduced the bills that provided for the outlying parks of New York City, the Harlem River Speedway, the Washington Bridge, the th Street Viaduct, the grading of Eighth Avenue north of Fifty-seventh Street, additions to the Museum of Natural History, the West Side Court, and many other important public improvements.

He is one of the closest friends and most valued advisers of Charles F. Murphy, leader of Tammany Hall. He believes in party government; he does not indulge in cant and hypocrisy and he is never afraid to say exactly what he thinks.

Plunkitt of Tammany Hall: A Series of Very Plain Talks on In Plunkitt of Tammany Hall Riordan you MUST read this book. George Washington Plunkitt was /5(65). Name Course Institution Instructor Date Plunkitt of Tammany Hall review Riordon William pursued personal conviction to have a collection of the ‘very plain talk. A Tribute to Plunkitt by the Leader of Tammany Hall. SENATOR PLUNKITT I guess they’ll have to exist as long as there’s book my enemies circulated a report. “An Analysis of Plunkitt of Tammany Hall” William Bryce History Austin Community College November 30, The purpose of this book report is to analyze the. Plunkitt of Tammany Hall: A Series of Very Plain Talks on Very Practical Politics (The Bedford Series in History and Culture) [William L. Riordon, Terrence J /5(65).

He is a believer in thorough political organization and all-the-year-around work, and he holds to the doctrine that, in making appointments to office, party workers should be preferred if they are fitted to perform the duties of the office. Plunkitt is one of the veteran Division Help Long Homework of the organization; he has always been faithful and reliable, and he has performed valuable services for Tammany Hall.

Yes, many of our men have grown rich in politics. Just let me explain by examples. I see my opportunity and I take it. I go to that place and I buy up all the land I can in the neighborhood.

Then the board of this or that makes its plan public, and there is a rush to get my land, which nobody cared particular for before. Of course, it is. I get tipped off and I buy as much property as I can that has to be taken for approaches.

I sell at my own price later on and drop some more money in the bank. What turned out was just what I counted on. Anything dishonest in that? Up in the watershed I made some money, too. I bought up several bits of land there some years ago and made a pretty good guess that they would be bought up for water purposes later by the city. They wondered how I knew just what to buy. The answer is — I seen my opportunity and I took it. I am on hand to buy, and I know just what they are worth.

I had a sort of monopoly of this business for a while, but once a newspaper tried to do me. It got some outside men to come over from Brooklyn and New Jersey to bid against me. I went to each of the men and said: They agreed, of course.

Then the auctioneer yelled: Give me a real bid. He found the bid was real enough. My rivals stood silent. They just seen their opportunities and took them. The books are always all right. The money in the city treasury is all right. Everything is all right. All they can show is that the Tammany heads of departments looked after their friends, within the law, and gave them what opportunities they could to make honest graft. Another kind of honest graft.

Tammany has raised a good many salaries. Plunkitt Of Tammany Hall Book Report wish it was me. Did you ever consider that? First, let me say that I am in a position to give what the courts call expert testimony on the subject. Some young men think they can learn how to be successful in politics from books, and they cram their heads with all sorts of college rot. In fact, a young man who has gone through the college course is handicapped at the outset. He may succeed in politics, but the chances are to 1 against him.

You never heard of Charlie Murphy delivering a speech, Plunkitt Of Tammany Hall Book Report you?

Or Richard Croker, or John Kelly, or any other man who has been a real power in the organization? Look at the thirty-six district leaders of Tammany Hall today. How many of them travel on their tongues?

So you want to drop the orator idea unless you mean to go into politics just to perform the skyrocket act. Did I offer my services to the district leader as a stump-speaker? The woods are always full of speakers. Did I get up a hook on municipal government and show it to the leader?

What do I mean by marketable goods? Let me Plunkitt Of Tammany Hall Book Report you: I went to him and said: I got a marketable commodity — one vote. He smiled on me and told me to go ahead. I soon branched out. Two young men in the flat next to mine were school friends — I went to them, just as I went to Tommy, and they agreed to stand by me. Then I tackled the next house and so on down the block and around the corner.

What did the district Plunkitt Of Tammany Hall Book Report say then when I called at headquarters? He came after me and said: As time went on, and my association grew, I thought I would like to go to the Assembly. Afterwards, I went to the Board of Visit web page, then to the State Senate, then became leader of the district, and so on up and up till I became a statesman.

But go to him and say: THIS civil service law is the biggest fraud of the age.

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It is the curse of the nation.