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defence gamesBy Ted Nissen M. Basic Physics and Chemistry. I wish I had paid more attention in my high school physics and chemistry classes but instead I counted ceiling tiles, wrote bad poetry and picked at my zits.

With that in mind I will try to explain what I remember about photons, physics and chemistry in general Chemical Organization. What follows could have factual errors so beware. Periodic Table These are unique atoms which are detailed in the elemental table compressing so much that the relatively weak electrical force exerted by the electrons Like negative charges repel of the hydrogen atoms could no longer oppose one another.

The protons are held together by the strong nuclear force of the neutrons otherwise because like charges repel they would fly apart disintegrating all matter.

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This is considered a relatively weak electrical force, which is a good thing because then under the right circumstances atoms can combine to form new elements. Chemistry studies the various atomic combinations. This is good because they are the simplest atoms with one and two electrons orbiting their 1 and two protons and neutrons respectively.

Simple atoms can then be used by the compressive forces in the sun and extreme heat to form a host of new elements. Most of the other 90 naturally occurring elements are made in stars. We are mostly made of star stuff. Because there is so much hydrogen floating around in space over time millions of years it becomes compressed due to the gravitational attraction of matter. Eventually the hydrogen atoms collapse into one another Fusion to form helium.

When that happens photons are produced to form visible read more invisible light. Photons are thus produced as a result of chemical reaction when electrons orbits degrade or when electrons are lost.

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It is the reason you see sunlight and it is still going on today. Photons take about 8 minutes to get from the sun to earth traveling at the speed of light at aboutmiles per second.

The sun bear (Helarctos malayanus) is a bear found in tropical forest habitats of Southeast Asia. It is classified as Vulnerable by the International Union for. The brown bear (Ursus arctos) is the most widely distributed bear and is found across much of northern Eurasia and North America. It is one of the largest living. Triepels Slagwerk - Geleen Limburg,Uw Drumspecialist, Drumstel kopen, boomwhacker lessen. Ultra-weak Photon (Biophoton) Emissions (UPE)-Background Information. By Ted Nissen M.A. M.T. Copyright © September Ted Nissen. Articles & Abstracts Discussed.

Photons generally bounce off things and so your retina is sensitive to them and you can see objects in your environment. When the sun runs out of hydrogen then our sun will literally burn out probably in about 12 billion years. A photon is a sub atomic particle or string. The frequency how many times it vibrates in a given period of time and amplitude How forceful the vibration is will determine what type of sub-atomic particle it is quark, gluon, photon, ect.

Particle Physics They can be compressed into a very small space. It used to be thought Democritus BCE-? Then we began smashing atoms into one another at high speeds at which point we could see some of these smaller particles or strings.

For example, when you smash up protons and neutrons you get quarks. Other particles such as photons can be produced thru chemical reactions, which produce new chemical elements. A photon could be visualized Phd Dissertation B L Snow a tortilla or pizza pie without the topping. Throw it in your imaginary air space and slow mo its free fall so that you can carefully observe its properties.

Notice that it is not perfectly flat because when check this out threw it in the air it slid off of your hand and began undulating. That is visualize your tortilla with waves coursing across its surface in its free fall.

These are just like waves in the ocean, which you could watch splashing onto shore with an almost rhythmic chant. The regularity of the waves over a given period of time could be counted.

This is known as the frequency of the waveform. How big the wave is known as the amplitude of the wave. All photons have the same frequency and amplitude of their waveform. Instead of a tortilla you could substitute a rubber band like string that surrounds a membrane. You could also imagine for our metaphorical purposes only that the string and membrane are made of energy.

Other subatomic here How To Write A Bullet Point Paper TheodoreHalling particles as aforementioned vibrate at different frequencies and amplitudes but all subatomic strings are made of the same energy. These are elegantly elaborated mathematical models which suggest but do not prove an almost Alice in wonderland world. Photons themselves also travel along electromagnetic waves. This was a huge debate in physics for the longest time.

In an experiment by Thomas Young [4] performed around known as the Double-slit experiment or two-slit experiment [5] the debate was settled. Take a single light source, cut two slits in a board, place a screen in back of the board so that the board is between the light and the screen. The single light source now projects through the two slits and creates two light sources, which project onto the screen behind. If light were a particle the light projected onto the screen would diffuse evenly onto the background screen.

If light were a Phd Dissertation B L Snow its properties would be similar to waves in an ocean. Imagine you are next to a beautiful lake, which is perfectly calm, with not a ripple on its placid surface. In fact it is so smooth you can see the high snow capped mountains, towering above the lake, reflected onto its surface. Now with both hands hold two stones at arm length apart and drop them into the lake simultaneously.

You will note an interference pattern where the waves of one stone cancel out the waves of the other stone. The areas of darkness on the screen behind the light source are the result of the light waves interfering Diffraction with one another.

The dark areas are Phd Dissertation B L Snow when peaks and troughs occur together destructive interference and the light areas are caused when two peaks coincide constructive interference. According to this experiment, nearly years after his death Newton was proved wrong and his colleague Huygens was right. During their lives Newton and Huygens did not know the outcome of this debate but later on both would be proved right.

In the 20 th century Albert Einstein — [6]Louis de Broglie — Phd Dissertation B L Snow and many others postulated and confirmed that light photons and matter consist of both particles and waves. This was known as the Wave—particle duality [8]. It has been shown experimentally that all-electromagnetic waves and also other subatomic particles strings as well as atoms continue reading the same interference patterns.

Photons travel at the speed of light along the electromagnetic wave. The speed of light isThat means a photon of light travels 7. Earth circumference 40, km in circumference or 24, Click on this link and then on the dark image at the top of the page to see how fast light goes from the earth to the moon in real time.

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It takes about 8 minutes for a photon of light to reach the earth from the sun. Later M-Theory was developed in by Edward Witten to tie together the various string Phd Dissertation B L Snow. According to these theories photons are not really particles zero-dimensional point in space but rather vibrating strings one-dimensional extended objects String Theory [9] and or membranes M-Theory [10].

As discussed above photons move at the speed of light along a wave with a particular frequency, wavelength and amplitude. The frequency [12] Frequency Example is determined by counting the frequency of the wave in a given time period.

The wavelength [13] Wave Length is measured as the distance between repeating units of wave pattern. Electromagnetic radiation is actually composed of two self-propagating waves, one electrical-one magneticat right angles to each other light wave example. Therefore a time-varying electric field generates a magnetic field and vice versa. Thus, as an oscillating electric field generates an oscillating magnetic field, the magnetic field in turn generates an oscillating electric field, and so on.

These oscillating fields together form an electromagnetic wave composed of photons traveling at the speed of light generating the electromagnetic spectrum from radio source to gamma rays. History of Biophoton Research. Alexander Gavrilovich Gurwitsch, also Gurvich Russian: Gurwitsch named these photon emissions "mitogenetic rays" refers to UV electromagnetic waves of photons which stimulate increased cell division mitosis because his experiments showed that they stimulated cell division rates [15] of nearby here.

Gurwitsch was thinking about how living tissues transfer the information about the size and shape of organs given that chemical reactions "do not contain spatial or Phd Dissertation B L Snow patterns a priori formed or conceived beforehand. Gurwitsch began looking for a morphogenetic relating to or concerned with the development of normal organic form field, which might regulate cell growth and differentiation.

It should be noted that normal window glass blocks UV rays and quartz glass plate is transparent for UV light of about nm. Two onion roots were arranged at right angles to one another with the horizontal root Inductor click here towards the vertical stem Detector with a space for either normal window glass or quartz glass plate Experiment.

The subject of observation was the cell division number of mitoses rate on the stem where the root tip was pointed. When window glass was placed in the space between the root and the stem no cell division changes were noted whereas when the quartz glass plate was placed in the space cell division number of mitoses increased significantly.

Gurwitsch concluded that ultraweak UV nm photon emissions in the in the horizontal root Inductor were stimulating increased cell division in the vertical stem Detector. The lack of cell growth when a normal window glass blocked UV stimulation and increased cell growth when quartz glass plate facilitated UV stimulation suggested to the professor that photons might regulate cell growth and differentiation. In addition biochemists were explaining cell growth in terms of hormones and other biochemicals.

The work of Alexander G. Gurwitsch was largely forgotten. It is unclear whether other scientists repeated his experiments. Current "debate surrounds such evidence and conclusions, Phd Dissertation B L Snow the difficulty of teasing out the effects of any supposed Biophotons amid the other numerous chemical interactions between cells makes it difficult to devise a testable hypothesis" [19].

In the s then assistant professor Fritz-Albert Alexander-Alex Popp Present [22]German Biophysicist Earned PhD in Theoretical Physics-Mainz university who could be considered the modern founder of a whole new branch of biophysics exploring Biophoton emissions, discovered a much wider spectrum of photon emissions than had previously been recorded to nm.

Popp has proposed that this electromagnetic radiation Biophotons is both semi-periodic and coherent but has yet to win general approval from his colleagues. But detailed subsequent studies failed to detect a signal in dog's brain. The Japanese Government began a five-year, multibillion-yen research programme into Biophotons in Weak Biophoton emissions have been discovered in everything from plant seeds to fruit flies.

These source have been replicated demonstrating that cell injury increases Phd Dissertation B L Snow production.

If you tear a tree leaf, for example, while measuring Biophoton emission, a spiked rise in emission in the tens of thousands as opposed to a normal range of with what amounts to a light burst occurs.

These experiments and others have been conducted by Ken Muldrew, a biophysicist at the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. In animal tissue the same phenomena of injured cells increased photon production has also been observed.