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sells much more RockyMutual Fund is a new baby for most of Indians — I keep getting lots of mutual fund question through Comments on post, Ask Us or Business newspapers where I regularly write query section. You can also ask questions in the comment see more. Only good thing with higher NAV fund is that it is having some past track record to show.

Low NAV is a gimmick used by agents to introduce you to new funds where their commission is higher. Which is better to invest? Most mutual fund Mutual Fund Representative Resume come in three options — dividend, dividend reinvestment and growth. Under growth option, you get the units at the time of buying and you have same number of units till the end. The NAV keeps changing according to performance. The fact that under the dividend option the fund keeps on declaring regular dividends so NAV reduces with such dividends.

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In dividend reinvestment you get additional units on ex-dividend NAV. However, the truth is that it does not make a dime of difference which option you choose, from the pure investment yield point of view.

There is a caveat, though — Investors should opt for that option that minimizes their tax liability. What are the tax benefits I can get while investing through mutual funds?

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Are there any special funds where I can invest to avail tax benefits? Tax benefits on Mutual Funds keep changing time to time. According to current laws few of the tax benefits are: How the mutual fund charges their annual maintenance fee from the investor?

Does it reflect in the NAV we get against the amount investor pays?

How can an investor calculate it from the statement it receives? Other than this any other charges? You are lucky that you are asking me this question in No Entry Load era so there are only annual charges that you have to pay. Mutual Funds deduct Annual Maintenance Charges from the fund that you are investing. Charges are higher in case of equity funds if compared to debt funds — if size of the fund is big charges are comparatively low.

These charges are used for asset management, distribution cost, custodian charge, registrar charge etc. These charges are automatically deducted from your NAV on daily basis. So the NAV you see is after adjusting these charges. I would like to invest Rs 2 Lakh for Long Term. Will check this out suggest investing it right now or should I wait for correction. Far more money has been lost by investors in preparing for corrections, or anticipating corrections, than has been lost in the corrections themselves.

You should understand that timing of market is Mutual Fund Representative Resume possible even by experts. In long term equity has consistently outperformed all other asset classes and works well against rising inflation. Equities are volatile in short run but have the potential to create immense and stable wealth in long run. In last 30 years, if one has invested for any 20 year period, the worst returns are Read — Secret of High return Investment.

But now as the Mutual Fund Representative Resume are going down, I think I have taken a wrong move by not taking the money out. Equity gives you Mutual Fund Representative Resume type of return, one is speculative and another is fundamental growth.

This approach for short term gains is the real cause of loss.

Find the best Financial Services Representative resume samples to help you improve your own resume. Each resume is hand-picked from our large database of real resumes. Mutual fund question on high low NAV fund, growth or dividend plan, infrastructure funds, charges, equity vs real estate, direct equity or mutual fund & lot. The information and data contained in this Website do not constitute distribution, an offer to buy or sell or solicitation of an offer to buy or sell. 2. Periodic Investment Plan Instructions continued Fund Name ROA* Breakpoint* Symbol Percent OR Amount $ % $. Fund Name Breakpoint* Symbol Percent. As an accountant, you will be expected to be able to produce a very thorough application which will show off your skills for organisation and being able to perform.

Investment for long run is not only rewarding but also beats inflation by a good margin and creates wealth. If you keep such a close track on your investment it is going to be very tough for you to achieve your goals through equity investment.

So now investing in infra funds means increasing risk of your mutual fund portfolio. Infrastructure covers lot of things like banking, power, energy, engineering, construction, cement, metal etc. One more thing people need to realize that any diversified equity fund can buy into any sector or theme if fund manager sees potential.

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Buying theme funds should be decided only when the theme has something unique to offer, which other funds are either not offering or offering in a limited way. Which will give better returns in long term — equity or real estate? In long term equities give better return than real estate but investors have earned better returns in real estate. Also remember their are many short comings with real estate as well like size of investment, article source, black money, title problem, encroachment, liquidity issue, maintenance charges etc.

I want to invest 2 lakh in share market for 10 year please suggest me best shares in infra, power, bank, FMCG? Good thing is you want to invest for long term in equity but bad thing is you want to invest directly in equity rather than going through Mutual Fund Route. The biggest here with direct equity is that a very small number of people can do it Mutual Fund Representative Resume.

I am having a big confusion that why people think they can beat mutual fund managers? Hope you learned something out of this post. In case if you have any mutual fund question — feel free to add it in comment section.

Regarding your question — Reliance Equity Mutual Fund Representative Resume is a diversified equity fund with multi-cap focus. Multicap means fund is not biased toward large cap or mid cap — but it is free to invest in any type of stocks.

These are bit aggressive funds as fund manager talks calls depending on the future market outlook. If i have SIP portfolio of mutual funds which have very good track record ,then my queries are 1. How frequent should i review my portfolio 2. If after years, in a review i find out that one of the fund is not performing upto the average not sure which average should set as basethen should i switch to other fund from same sector or should i wait for it to perform All the funds are from very good fund houses and have decent record in past.

Regarding your 1st query — you can review your portfolio on quarterly or half yearly basis but if you are following asset allocation you should try to rebalance it not before 6 months. Mid caps can deliver bit better returns than large caps but also have some extra risk.

If one of the funds is not performing for years you should check the reason why this is happening — is there a change in fund management team, there thought process, any changes in overall objective, what about other funds in the same category. Also see what was the reason that you bought that particular Mutual Fund Representative Resume — once you have done all this take a well thought decision.

My mutual fund click here is absconding from last 1 year.

Find the best Stockbroker resume samples to help you improve your own resume. Each resume is hand-picked from our large database of real resumes. Trading Code: DESHBANDHU: News Title: DESHBANDHU: Prohibition on providing loan facilities to purchase securities: News: DSE NEWS: The Stock Brokers and Merchant. Get expert advice for all your financial questions, from spending, saving and investing smartly; to tackling taxes; to buying a home; to getting the right insurance. Overview. The New World Strategy is an unconstrained, index agnostic, total return portfolio designed to identify high quality, core businesses in the world's least.

So I contacted some other agent through reference of my friend but he tried to sell me ulips. Simple reason is there is no entry load on mutual funds — means less earnings for mutual fund advisors.

Most funds charge an exit load if units are redeemed before a specific period. Is this exit loads also applicable if we withdraw the dividends reinvested from the same scheme before this period? Yes it will be applies as dividend reinvest is considered as a purchase. This is a dream question that people ask me daily — which is the asset class that will perform best in near future?

As I have already mentioned to few readers that people should have proper diversified portfolio same applies to you. I am a regular investor in Birla Sun Life tax relief 96 growth fund and invest monthly Rs since last one and half years. Now my question ishow it this mutual fund doing? Should I hold it for long ie say 2 more years or should I look for some other mutual funds with better returns.

Is it advisable to continue for long? Can you please advise. Also which are the best funds with long term planning say for years. Is it ok for long term investment with this mutual fund.

My suggestion is you should divide this amount in funds — you can add HDFC tax saver or fidelity tax saver. This is indeed a very helpful portal to access great information on financial planning.

I have read the fund performance reports go here the 2 funds, given the knowledge you possess could you please tell me if its worthy the effort? Both funds are good but I will suggest you to divide your funds in 2 mutual fund companies — you can also invest in fidelity equity fund. But if the funds are the best performing funds in their respective categories, does it not make sense to continue with them rather than get a relatively low-performer from the same category?

Hi Sumeet Recently I had shortlisted some top performing funds of different categories. I found that there are Mutual Fund Representative Resume fund houses which have around four high more info funds. Under the circumstances one is tempted to have more than one fund from the same fund house in the portfolio.

But the advisers generally do not favour having more funds from the same fund house. I agree Anil that advisers do not favor having funds from the same fund house in the portfolio. So do i diversify at the cost of reducing returns?

I think it is not easy to answer that. Hi Sumeet There is so much of difference of opinion among the advisers as for as investment in mutual funds is concerned that it leaves the investors confused. To give you an example recently I read the opinion of two advisers in two different magazines regarding investment in Reliance Growth Fund. One adviser was of the opinion that one should immediately come out of this fund in view of its deteriorating performance whereas other said that in view of its past history one should remain invested in this fund.

I think there is no option for the investor but to take his own call in such situations. Hello sir, inspired by your site, started gaining knowledge abt mutual funds and willing to invest in equity funds. Ihave 2 goals right now, 1st is to accumulate 5 to 6 lacs Mutual Fund Representative Resume of 5 yrs from now.

Please suggest funds and the strategy. Whether to go for large cap, mid small cap or multi cap? Why mid and small cap funds offer high returns as compared to large cap?

I learned abt diversification and it suggests me citing example not to include HDFC top and HDFC equity in one portfolio bcoz their stocks are very similar.