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phytochemical properties and dual effects of musa paradisiaca (and in combination with catecholamines) on peptic ulceration in albino wistar rats. Agric. Biol. J. N. Am., , 4(2): fed composite meal containing peels of mango, plantain, cocoyam and pawpaw. Unlike salmonids, significant amount of. CHAPTER 2. REVIEW OF LITERATURE CHAPTER-2 REVIEW OF LITERATURE PACKAGING AND STORGE TEMPERATURE If red sweet peppers (Capsicum annuum L.) stored for 21 days when. 21 Literature Review Enzymatic hydrolysis this research is carried out with the objective of glucose production from plantain peels using cellulase.

If red sweet peppers. HW D an d pa cka ge d treatments were performed best as compared to unpackaged one.

Removal of Heavy Metals (Lead) Using Plantain Banana Peels than Cavendish Banana Peels Literature Review In the research journal (G. Annadurai*, ). Literature databases; Plantain peels contain less fibre than banana peels (Happi Emaga et al Animal nutrition in Western India. A review of work done from. Review of Related Literature of Stress. Review of Related Literature Stress has been defined in different ways by different Banana peels also contain tryptophan. These materials include plantain peels, cassava peels alkali derived from plantain peel ash could be useful as a thickener in LITERATURE REVIEW. Potential of plantain peels flour Effects of the stage of maturation and varieties on the chemical composition of banana and plantain peels. A review. Food.

HWD had no significant Literature Review On Plantain Peels on the quality of fruits Raffo. Packaging material used for tomato postharvest quality was 20 mm PE20 and 10 u PE50 and PP 25 u and then sealed compared with unwrapped fruits considered as control. Results indicated that PE50 and PP film, devoid off the development of red color up to 30 days of storage.

The soluble phenolics and ascorbic acid contents of tomatoes showed slight increases during storage, regardless of temperature. Antioxidant activity in 10 sweet pepper cultivars grown over 10 consecutive years and found that cv. Flamingo had the highest ascorbic acid content followed by Bombay and parker. Change in antioxidant compounds in pepper fruits at different ripening stages, as affected by salinity and harvested fruits at three maturity stages; green, breaker and red.

For nutritional point of view the red stage was most appropriate state of maturation, since red stage pepper had the highest antioxida nt activity for both hydr ophili c go here lipophili c fraction Navarro. In another study found that highest amount of ascorbic acid was in green chillies greater than citrus and highest amount of carotenoids in red chillies greater than carrot.

Red pepper had significantly total phenolic content than the green pepper.

All four colored peppers 6. Oxi dati ve car ote noi d degr adat ion caus es pap rik a col or los s dur ing sto rag e. Ethoxyquin, a synthetic antioxidant is used in the spice industry to prevent carotenoid loss during postharves t handlin more info but ethoxyquin treated paprika is unaccept ed for some market and consumers.

Naturally derived antioxidant i. Extractable color, surface color and carotenoid concentration were determined before storage and then monthly.

Literature Review On Plantain Peels 45 days storage experiment of citrus fruits conducted under polyethylene bags of 0. Maximum weight loss observed in control and minimum weight loss in thick polyethylene packaging.

The TSS increased during storage and ascorbic acid decreased from 1. Organoleptic properties eval uat ion rev eal ed tha t ind ivi dual pack agi ng had sig nif ica nt ef fec t on the ext ern al appearance, taste and texture. Thick packaging performed significant effect in prolonging the shelf life of citrus fruits Hussain.

Postharvest quality parameters in fresh or transformed horticultural crops detected and found that conventional indicators of quality, sugars can be conveniently analyzed by several physico-chemical or biochemical methods.

Treated fruit also accumulated higher levels of transcripts from the HSP 70 fam ily as com par ed to unt rea ted fru it. T wo transcrip ts, 1. Stomata of red hot chilli monitored under scanning electron microscopy.

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Stomata apertures observed only at the pedicel surface and were absolutely absent on the fruit surface. Hydro-cooled chilli at 0 and 2. C resulted in significantly closing stomata while the same process at 4. C was only partially closing them as compared to untreated. The darkening was significantly reduced by hydro-cooling whereas slightly decreased by forced-air cooling.

Export ing of fres h chilli faces a big problem especiall y the darkeni ng at pedicel. Chi lli es hyd ro- cool ed at 0.

Hydro-cooled chilli and packed in plastic packaging maintained the fruit firmness higher than control. However, there were no consistency patterns of changes in ascorbate peroxidase activity during storage of red hot chilli in each treatment. C for 4 min. HWD had no significant effect Literature Review On Plantain Peels the quality of fruits Raffo e. The harvested tomatoes were stored at 7, 15 and C, for a period of 10 days.

The mean lycopene content of tomatoes stored at 15 and C on the 10th day of storage was, approximately, 2-fold 7. Peppers harvested at green stage and click at C for only 10 days. If harvested at green ripe stage and stored at C, they stored for only 5 days. Green ripe fruits stored at 7.

C in perforated polyethylene bags maintained their shelf life for 20 days. There are no data for. C water saturated air at pressure of 2.

This low pressure range should be tested at non-chilling temperature as high as C to determine if decay in peppers can be controlled without causing low-[O. Pepper s toler ated a 2-day exposure to a press ure of 2. C with no adverse effects Burg,but longer exposure The sto rag e of pep per s was im pro ved by tre atm ent s tha t res tri ct wat er los s, including Literature Review On Plantain Peels in perforated polyethylene, modified atmospheric packaging and waxing Hughes.

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