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handful dreamers lookingThese Lean Principles define the philosophy of lean.

You need to define exactly what it is that the Customer wants, not what you think the product is but what is value in their eyes.

The customer wants rapidly safely cooked food, not necessarily a microwave oven, the Customer wants access to the internet, not necessarily a desktop computer and so on. It is not about the producer forcing what is most convenient for them onto the consumer. The use of Brainstorming, Quality Function Deployment QFD and other ideas can help an organization to define exactly what the customer sees as value.

Value is something that the customer specifically wants and is prepared to pay for. Yet we spend the majority of our time doing something other than adding value. The rest of the time we spend in wasteful pursuits; we are waiting, reworking, transporting, moving and a host of other wasteful things that the customer does not consider to be something that they should pay for.

These are the seven wastes of lean and a lot of what we do within a lean manufacturing implementation is to seek out these wastes to eliminate them. However this visit web page going about lean the wrong way. We need to seek out the value adding steps and make those as efficient and free of waste as possible.

Just looking for waste we tend to start working on improving processes that are in themselves wasteful and unwanted by the customer. We end up making non-value adding processes more efficient. The value stream is the series of interrelated processes that produce the value; from raw material through to use.

Just the steps that add the value, not those steps that add no value. Value adding and non-value adding steps make up every process. Within lean we are looking to remove or minimize those non-value adding steps.

We are looking at the value stream from the point of view of the product or valuenot looking at individual departments or even companies. This can be mapped using tools such as value stream mapping to create current and future state maps of the overall flow.

Think about the actual processes when you define the process stream; here in terms of your companies departments. Never delay a value adding step by a non-value adding step, where possible have these done in parallel to the value adding one.

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This flow is achieved through a whole host of ideas and tools from Kanban, to small machines, through cell design and so on. One of the biggest wastes in any system is that of inventory; inventory hides all of the other problems in your system and causes so many other wastes. Inventory takes up space, it requires stacking, storing and transporting, it eats your capital!

The ideal system is one where the customer makes the order and you manufacture that product only when ordered. This is an Lean Six Sigma Dissertation situation and many industries do not believe that they can achieve it.

But lean Lean Six Sigma Dissertation a never ending journey and with evolving technology and customer requirements it is possible to achieve it. For those that still want the feel of the printed word in their hands many bookstores now have machines which will print and bind your individual book while you wait!

Single piece flow at the demand of the customer in an industry that would have laughed at you if you suggested it a few years ago! Pull production rather than pushing production through a factory using scheduling can be achieved very simply in many cases. In fact it is a super market that gave the idea for this method of production. If you achieve the first four steps you will have already prevented a huge amount of waste seven wastes from appearing within your processes.

However; with the help and support of all of your employees you need to strive towards perfection; delivering exactly what the customer wants, when they want it at an acceptable Minimum price with zero waste. Involve every employee within source company in implementing lean tools such as Kaizen to drive continuous improvement of each and every aspect of your company. Lean is not just about improving a production cell; it also about improving every other process from order processing to invoicing and customer service.

Lean Thinking is applying these principles to your organization, whether it is a manufacturing or a service organization.

In any business you have a customer who has needs; these are the things that he values. You provide this value through a series of interrelated processes that form the value stream, some of your processes and process steps add no or little value, identify those that add value and eliminate or minimize the others.

Make your value flow at the pull of the customer to minimize waste; this is just in time manufacturing JIT. Then strive for perfection! Could you please tell me who the author of this article is and the date of resource creation.

I am trying to cite this page. I would like to cite contents from this page as well, please tell me who is the author of this article and the date of resource creation.

I am currently carrying out my dissertation on the Principles of Lean, in particular how Lean is implemented in a variety of organisations. If possible, could you please fill out the following questionnaire for my data collection? I am trying to get a wide range of data so that I can find common traits and gaps where Lean has been implemented.

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Hello Have you finished your dissertation? The author of the post is clearly stated on the right of the page; Tony Earley MSc. Date of publication is June Your email address will not be published. Lean Thinking Lean Principles. Kanban enables pull systems. I want to cite contents from this page as well. Good afternoon I am currently carrying out my dissertation on the Principles of Lean, in particular how Lean is implemented in a variety of organisations.

Dissertations and Thesis Research Projects in Lean, Six Sigma, and Sustainability in the areas of Procurement Management, Supply Chain Management, Inventory. Operations management entails controlling, designing and supervision the production process as well as the redesign of business operations associated with the. What is lean thinking and what are the five principles of lean manufacturing? Dilbert and lean - Is your organization struggling to implement lean? This post presents the 10 best Dilbert cartoons on lean management. Thesis and Dissertation topics related to Supply Chain Management, Procurement Management, Inventory Management, and Distribution Management.

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