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canThe questions on the use of the How To Write Possessive Of Jesus to form the possessive keep coming. This post is about how to form the possessive of a proper name that ends in -s. When it comes to forming the possessive of a proper name that ends in sguides disagree. The Chicago Manual of Style once recommended a single apostrophe to form the possessive of Biblical or classical names:.

Equally consistent, the Associated Press Style Book opts for a single apostrophe for all proper names ending in -s:. Disagreement on the issue of apostrophe s vs. Justice Clarence Thomas believes that the possessive form of a name like his this web page be formed by adding only an apostrophe: Style guides exist to assist writers in this goal, but it seems to me that there are problems with the recommendations of all three guides mentioned above.

A name ending in s takes only an apostrophe if the possessive form is not pronounced with an extra s. Punctuation is supposed to aid readers, not puzzle them. Thank you for this! Personally I agree with your take at the end. As a blogger I have to decide for myself and truthfully I kind of wish I was by a style guide instead!

He is Sebastian and goes by Bass.

Singular Possessives

Http:// apparently has already been pointed out on the playground. Singular possessive, add the apostrophe s, always. Extra rules and exceptions just make it more confusing.

Pluralize, then add an apostrophe. Singular pronoun possessive vs conjunctions: This one is odd, as it fights with conjunctions sometimes. Its color is orange.

If something is vocally awkward, practice. After all, if someone is mispronouncing your name, you correct them. If a word is being mispronounced, you correct them. It is not a cruelty, it is a kindness of How To Write Possessive Of Jesus. It only becomes a cruelty if one adds mockery into it. We are all striving to become better. How would I show possessive by only using her first name? Would this source correct?

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Which brings me to this little exchange I saw between Charmaine and Paul M. What about a name like smukerss Jones. That seems like lots of sss to me. I just had to stop by and mention the mess people get in with my name, Ross. No matter which rule I have followed over the years, people will always tell me I should be using the other.

I think I may point them to this page in future! Over two and one-half months since the last click.

Is Jesus’ or Jesus’s the Possessive Jesus? It was formerly customary, when a word ended in -s, to write its possessive with an apostrophe but no additional s. Possessive of Proper Names Ending in S Should one write “Jesus’ name” or “Jesus’s When it comes to Jesus, and not avoiding the possessive nature. Apr 05, · I have seen "Jesus's" written, and I write it myself. There are variations in the rule for when to leave off the possessive "s", but the rule I follow is. The possessive form of Jesus is Jesus' When a word ends in "S" the possessive form will have an apostrophe after the "S". How do you pronounce the possessive of a biblical or classical name like Jesus' or Biblical commentary. But if you write the possessive forms in.

I strongly agree with Eric M. The Penguin rule is logically consistent and should help any reader or writer when confronted with this grammatical conundrum.

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Today, April 28,the New York Times had an opinion page title: I hope I said that right. I am trying to find my style without another telling me what it should be; thus; I am a freelance writer. That comes in time so with that, all that I read here was very helpful, and informative. I hope I can give me an A just for this. I gave myself an A then. If you do not take care of yourself nobody else will. God helps those who helps themselves.

As the author says, rules are supposed to help the reader or writerand the Penguin rule is the only one that does, as well as being logically consistent.

Many people struggle with the possessive case of singular nouns when the words already end with s. The general rule is this: Form the possessive singular. What is the possessive form of the word jesus? It is common to write, "Jesus' disciples." In general, you make a noun (common or proper). Writing the possessive with names ending in s *should* be simple. But there's no consensus. Jesus' or Jesus's? Mrs. Banks' or Mrs. Banks's?. Should one write "Jesus' name" or "Jesus's name"? Which is correct, "Travis' friend" or "Travis's friend"? The questions on the use of the apostrophe to form the.

I prefer the pronunciation-based rule. How about here names like Janice or Nice. The Chicago Manual specifies two names ending in s that take a final apostrophe only: If anyone were paying attention to these things, it might have some good points.

In reality, no one cares about grammar. Even worse, I regularly see similar errors in sites such as BBC. Apparently, even proof readers are a thing of the past, much less actual editors. A related anecdotal note. Looked odd at first, but really makes sense How To Write Possessive Of Jesus all of the above in the article is considered. Finally, change for the Good! That construction is self-contained so why should it make any difference what it is being attached to?

Why was never made clear, it was just presented as idiomatic. We are still talking generally about singular nouns.

Apostrophe rules may be some of the most complex we have. It is consistent and follows common pronunciation. Still, as you say, choose a style and stick How To Write Possessive Of Jesus it. Thanks for this clarification, Maeve. I make an exception only for Jesus. Subscribe to Receive our Articles and Exercises via Email You will improve your English in only 5 minutes per day, guaranteed! Subscribers get access to our exercise archives, writing courses, writing jobs and much more!

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