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experienceIt can be used to familiarize sighted people with the Braille system. This project is not for real Braille transcription or screen-readers.

From the table above, we can easily display a Braille translation of any text by using one image per character. There are a few extra rules we should add to our script. Note that each CSS needs the image of the same name containing a sprite the Braille alphabet.

Another alternative to display Braille in web pages is to use a Braille web fonts.

Grade 2 Braille [2/7] - Numbers, Capital Letters and Italics

Eventually, if you really want to learn Braille, I recommend starting with the book Braille for the Sighted from Schneider, and Kathy Kifer. Articles Quick Answers Messages. See your name in Braille.

Evoluteur8 Dec Please Sign up or sign in to vote. In its simplest form Grade 1 Braille is just a different character set: Check out the demo. Displaying Braille using a CSS sprite. There are a few extra rules we should add to our script Uppercases must be prefixed by a special Braille character Numbers are displayed using "a" for "1", "b" for "2" Using the code It comes in 3 different styles: To include the Javascript: I'm a UI read more for a startup in California.

American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) Braille Bug is a kids' site that teaches sighted children grades 3 through 6 about braille, and encourages literacy among. braille, and how to speak. Do you want to learn how to write your name in braille? My_Name_in_Braille Author. Write Your Name in Braille Kids Activity Worksheet in Printable PDF Format. See your name in Braille. we will use a CSS with class names for all characters and a single picture with sprites We write a simple Javascript function to. Write Your Name in Braille! Use these Braille cells to write your name. If you have time, you can use more cells to write a special word or message in Braille.

My articles How To Write Names In Braille the topic: Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud: Text to Braille Converter. You must Sign In to use this message board.

Olivier Giulieri 8-Jul Member Nov 3: Olivier Giulieri Nov Guy Winters Jan Olivier Giulieri Jan Member Sep 8: Olivier Giulieri Apr 8: Olivier Giulieri Apr Olivier Giulieri 9-Apr See your name in Braille Evoluteur8 Dec Pro Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud: Thank you for sharing code and description. I created a page with the Polish national characters, tips mathematical notation, chemical: Braille Poland Olivier Giulieri 8-Jul Thanks for letting me know.

It makes me happy to know that my work can be useful to others. Convert from braille to text using matlab dinh van phuc Jan I from viet nam and i have a question.

Could you help me hoW to convert braille character to text using matlab. Thank you very much Olivier, I will use this script on my site. Much Thanks and appreciated. Please give the link. I'll click to see more happy to see it live.

I generated some Braille, today Walt Fair wrote a cool article on generating Morse. Reversed Braille Guy Winters Jan I used a reverse string JavaScript function by Jethro Jones, at antionline. I used mirror images of your cells to better show me which dots to use. If I were a better friend I'd actually learn Braille! All I needed to change in your script was the image folder reference.

My page incorporating this change is at http: Reversed Braille Olivier Giulieri Jan Reversed Braille Member Sep 8: Hello, I would like to ask whether it would be possible to create a reverse transfer system. From the keyboard, commissioned by the numerical combination of points and braille on the screen would show a corresponding letter.

A question on the application's usability volkan. Braille uses carved set of points on a special paper. The unsighted reads that special paper using their fingers by touching all the dots, trying to recognize which dot matrix is related to which character -- with their "fingers" For an unsighted to use this js application, she has to be able to see the pictures, rather than touch them.

Which is sorta oxymoron. A question on the application's usability How To Write Names In Braille Giulieri Apr 8: I agree with you, this is not of any use to blind people. What can I say; How To Write Names In Braille couldn't produce raised dots on a computer screen. As I stated in the second sentence of the article "It can be used to familiarize sighted people with the Braille system".

A question on the application's usability Olivier Giulieri Apr Also, for information, it is possible to emboss Braille on regular paper too but using thicker paper makes it easier to read and it last longer.

This it the very first time I can see project dedicated to people with lack of abilities. The Creator loves those who care about weak.

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I myself am quite healthy, but I glad to see your work. Take a look at: Congratulations and best wishes.