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your experienceRonald Ernest "Ron" Paul born August 20, is an American author, physician, and former politician. He was the U. Representative for Texas' 14th and 22nd congressional districts. He represented the 22nd congressional district from to and from toand then represented the 14th congressional district, which included Galvestonfrom to On three occasions, he sought the presidency of the United States: Paul is a critic of the federal government 's fiscal policiesespecially the existence of the Federal Reserve and the tax policyas well as the military—industrial complexand the War on Drugs.

Paul was the first chairman of the conservative PAC Citizens for a Sound Economy [2] and has been characterized as the "intellectual godfather" of the Tea Party movement. He served as a flight surgeon in the U.

for president. Paul withdrew from active campaigning in the last Paul received 26, write-in Paul, Ron (). The Ron Paul – Liberty In Media. Ron Paul presidential campaign, Ron Paul for and hit the ground running if he decides to run for president." Paul announced the formation of an. Write in Ron Paul. 1, likes · 1 talking about this. If Ron Paul doesn't win the GOP nomination, we will write his name in this November!. Break out of your conditioning and WRITE-IN RON PAUL for PRESIDENT! It is the LAST hope for our nation. Ron Paul did not run for President in During the Republican primaries, Ron Paul endorsed his son Rand Paul. After dropping out of the race, Rand Paul.

Air Force from to He worked as an obstetrician-gynecologist from the s to the s. Senate from Kentucky in Paul is a Senior Fellow of the Mises Institute[7] and has been an active writer, publishing on the topics of political and economic theory, as well as publicizing the ideas of economists of the Austrian School such as Murray Rothbard and Ludwig von Mises during his political campaigns.

On July 12,Paul announced that he would forgo seeking another term in Congress in order to focus on his presidential bid. In JanuaryPaul retired from Congress but still remains active on college campuses, giving speeches promoting his libertarian vision. His paternal grandfather emigrated from Germany, [13] and his paternal grandmother, a devout Christian, was a first-generation German American.

As a junior at suburban Dormont High Schoolhe was the meter dash state champion. Paul earned a Doctor of Medicine degree from Duke University 's School of Medicine inand completed his medical internship at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit and his residency in obstetrics and gynecology at Magee-Womens Hospital in Pittsburgh.

Paul and read article wife then relocated to Texas, where he began a private practice in obstetrics and gynecology. He came to know economists Hans Sennholz and Murray Rothbard well, and credits to them his interest in the study of economics.

Inincumbent Robert R. Casey defeated him for the 22nd district. There were only two obstetricians in the county, and the other one was his partner. Paul served in Congress three different periods: In his early years, Paul served on the House Banking Committeewhere he blamed the Federal Reserve for inflation and spoke against the banking mismanagement click at this page resulted in the savings and loan crisis.

During his first term, Paul founded the Foundation for Rational Economics and Education FREEa non-profit link tank dedicated to promoting principles of limited government and free-market economics.

The two organizations would become key players in the Tea Party movement from onward.

Ron Paul For U.S President likes. 4 years away may seem like a long time, but starting now can make the difference we need. Help create more. Official campaign site of the Republican candidate in for U.S. President. Oct 03, · Seeing as how neither party's candidates have a clue as to how to save the United States from a serious depression, high inflation from wasteful gov't. Ron Paul served in the House of Representatives in from to , from to and from until He ran for President in , and

Paul proposed term-limit legislation multiple times, while himself serving four terms in the House of Representatives. Senatecomplaining in his House farewell address that "Special interests have replaced the concern that the Founders had for general welfare It's difficult for one who loves true liberty and utterly detests the power of the state to come to Washington for a period of time and not leave a true cynic.

Another candidate of the senatorial primary was Henry Grovera conservative former state legislator who had lost the gubernatorial general election to the Democrat Dolph BriscoeJr. Following the loss of the senate race, Paul returned to his obstetrics practice and took part in a number of other business ventures.

Paul also co-owned a mail-order coin dealership, Ron Paul Coinsfor How To Write In Ron Paul For President years with Burt Blumertwho continued to operate the dealership after Paul resumed office in Paul left the Republican Party in and launched a bid for the presidency running on the Libertarian Party ticket. His candidacy was seen as problematic because of the party's long support for freedom of choice on abortions.

Native American activist Russell MeansPaul's rival for the nomination, emphasized that he was pro-choice on the abortion issue. Louis Post-Dispatch termed a "technicality," and received votes there only when written in, [49] just as he did in North Carolina.

According to Paul, his presidential campaign was about more than obtaining office; he sought to promote his libertarian ideas, often to school and university groups regardless of vote eligibility. He said, "We're just as interested in the future generation visit web page this election.

These kids will vote eventually, and maybe, just maybe, they'll go home and talk to their parents. Paul considered campaigning for President in[51] but instead chose to endorse Pat Buchanan that year, and served as an adviser to Buchanan's Republican presidential primary campaign against incumbent President George H.

DuringPaul was re-elected to Congress after a difficult campaign. The Republican National Committee endorsed incumbent Greg Laughlin in the primary; Paul won with assistance from baseball pitcher, constituent, and friend Nolan Ryantax activist and publisher Steve Forbes [13] and conservative commentator Pat Buchanan the latter two of whom had had presidential campaigns that year. Paul narrowly defeated Democratic attorney Charles "Lefty" Morris in fall election, despite Morris' criticism over controversial statements in several newsletters that Paul published.

On July 12,Paul announced that he would not seek re-election to the House in order to pursue the presidential election. By amending other legislation, he has helped prohibit funding for national identification numbersfunding for How To Write In Ron Paul For President teacher certification, [20] International Criminal Court jurisdiction over the U.

Paul was honorary chairman of, and is a member of the Republican Liberty Caucusa political action committee that describes its goal as electing "liberty-minded, limited-government individuals".

Paul served on the following committees and subcommittees. Despite benefiting from large numbers of campaign contributions from individual donors, [75] and the efforts of tech-savvy supporters determined to keep his name a frequent topic of discussion on the internet, [69] over the course of the campaign Paul was unable to translate the enthusiasm of his core supporters into large enough numbers of actual primary votes to unseat his rivals.

By March, front-runner John McCain had secured enough pledged delegates to guarantee that he would win the nomination, and Romney and Huckabee had both formally withdrawn from the race. On June 12,Paul finally withdrew his bid for the Republican nomination.

He later said that one of the reasons he did not run in the general election as a third-party candidate, after losing click primaries, was that, as a concession to gain ballot access in certain states, he had signed legally binding agreements to not run a third-party campaign if he lost the primary. At a September 10,press conference, Paul announced his general support of four third-party candidates: He said that each of them had pledged to adhere to a policy of balancing budgets, bringing the troops home, defending privacy and personal liberties, and investigating the Federal Reserve.

Two weeks later, "shocked and disappointed" that Bob Barr the Libertarian nominee had pulled out of attending the press conference at the last minute and had admonished Paul for remaining neutral and How To Write In Ron Paul For President to say which specific candidate Paul would vote for in the general election, Paul released a statement saying that he had decided to endorse Chuck Baldwinthe Constitution Party candidate, for president. Paul withdrew from active campaigning in the last weeks of the primary election period.

He received 42, votes, or 0. Paul won several early straw polls for the Republican presidential nomination [96] and in late Aprilhe formed an official exploratory committee.

In Decemberwith Paul's increased support, the controversy over racist and homophobic statements in several Ron Paul newsletters in the s and early s once again gained media attention. Michele Bachmann to Paul. In court papers filed in AugustSorenson said that he had been paid by both presidential campaigns for his endorsement and plead guilty to criminal charges stemming from the incident. Paul came in third in the Iowa Republican Caucus held on January 3, On February 4, Paul finished third in Nevada with On May 14, Paul's campaign announced that due to lack of funds though despite financial backing from financiers Peter Thiel and Mark Spitznagel [] he would no longer actively campaign for votes in the 11 remaining primary states, including Texas and California, that had not yet voted.

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In June, a group of supporters of Paul, demanding the freedom as delegates to the upcoming Republican party national convention to cast votes for Paul, filed a lawsuit in U. The suit further pointed to incidents at state conventions, including acts of violence and changes in procedural rules, allegedly intended to deny participation of Paul supporters in the party decision-making and to prevent votes from being cast for Paul.

An attorney representing the complainants said that Paul campaign advisor Doug Wead had voiced support for the legal action. I think for the most part these winning caucuses that we've been involved in we have followed the rules.

And the other side has at times not followed the rules.

Election 2012: I'm Writing In Ron Paul

Paul declined to speak at the Republican National Convention as a matter of principle, saying that the convention planners had demanded that his remarks be vetted by the Romney campaign and that he make an unqualified endorsement of Romney.

As inin Paul ultimately refused to endorse the ticket selected by the Republican Party. He said that there was no essential difference between Romney and his Democratic opponent, President Obama, on the most critical policies: Throughout his entire tenure in Congress, Paul has represented his district as a member of the Republican Party.

However, he has frequently taken positions in direct opposition to the other members and the leadership of the party, and he has sometimes publicly questioned whether he really belonged in the party. Paul voted for Dwight Eisenhower for president in when he was 21 years old. They were living in a storybook land.

ByPaul was ready to sever all ties to the Republican Party, as he explained in a blistering resignation letter: How is it that the party of balanced budgets, with control of the How To Write In Ron Paul For President House and Senate, accumulated red ink greater than all previous administrations put together?

That is the message read more the Reagan years. During the campaign, Paul called Reagan "a dramatic failure" [] and complained that "Reagan's record is disgraceful.

He starts wars, breaks the law, supplies How To Write In Ron Paul For President with guns made at taxpayers' expense and lies about it to the American people. Paul returned to his private medical practice and managing several business ventures after losing the election; but byhe was ready to return to politics, this time running on the Republican Party ticket again.

He said that he had never read the entire Libertarian platform when he ran for president as a Libertarian inand that "I worked for the Libertarians on my terms, not theirs. In Congress I took an oath to uphold the Constitution, not the Republican platform. When he lost the Republican Party presidential primary election inPaul criticized the two major political parties, saying that there was no real difference between the parties and that neither of them truly intended to challenge the status quo.

He refused to endorse the Republican Party's nominee for president, John McCainand lent his support to third-party candidates instead.

In the presidential campaign, during which he acknowledged it was unlikely that he would win the Republican Party nomination, [] Paul again asserted that he was participating in the Republican Party on his own terms, trying to persuade the rest of the party to move toward his positions rather than joining in with theirs. So, let's support anybody at all … even if they disagree with everything that we do. Paul has been described as conservative and libertarian.

The National Journalfor instance, rated Paul only the th most conservative member of the House of Representatives out of based on votes cast in The foundation of Paul's political philosophy is the conviction that "the proper role for government in America is to provide national defense, a court system for civil disputes, a criminal justice system for acts of force and fraud, and little else. No," [20] reflecting both his medical degree and his insistence that he will "never vote for legislation unless the proposed measure is expressly authorized by the Constitution.

Paul's foreign policy of nonintervention [] made him the only Republican presidential candidate to have voted against the Iraq War Resolution in He advocates withdrawal from the United Nationsand from the North Atlantic Treaty Organizationfor reasons of maintaining strong national sovereignty.

He voted for the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Terrorists in response to the September 11 attacksbut suggested war alternatives such as authorizing the president to grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal targeting specific terrorists.

An opponent of the Iraq War and potential war with Iran, he has also criticized neoconservatism and U. Paul has stated that "Israel is our close friend" and that it is not the place of the United States to "dictate how Israel runs her affairs". Paul endorses constitutional rightssuch as the right to keep and bear armsand habeas corpus for political detainees. He opposes the Patriot Actfederal use of torturepresidential autonomya national identification cardwarrantless domestic surveillanceand the draft.

Paul also believes that the notion of the separation of church and state is currently misused by the court system: