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Letter For Inviting Friend On Birthday Party

Computer, color printer, doghouse template belowtwo sheets of pink card stock one light and one darkpaw-print rubber stamp, ink pad, ribbon, glue stick, scissors, pencil. Type up invitation details on your computer and print out on the light pink card stock. Enlarge the door and house templates as directed and cut out go here. Trace the door around the printed text and cut out.

Trace the doghouse template onto dark pink card stock; cut out. Glue the door onto the front of the house and stamp on a few paw prints. Cut a length of ribbon, tie into a bow, and glue onto the front of the house.

As your guests arrive, pass out homemade poodle-ear headbands, and have the guests source on noses and whiskers. How To Write A Medieval Birthday Invitation glam dog needs a collar and cuffs, so let the girls decorate strips of pink felt and craft foam with jewels and pom-poms.

One 9-xinch sheet of felt for each set of cuffs, craft glue, rhinestones, pom-poms, scissors, sticky-back Velcro coins. Run a line of glue around the edge of the entire piece of felt. Fold the long edges in, lengthwise, so they meet in the middle. Press down firmly to secure. Cut along the seam where the felt edges meet, making two double-layer cuffs. When guests arrive, have them glue on pom-poms and rhinestones. Apply sticky-back Velcro coins to cuff ends to close.

Punch a hole at the bottom center of each strip, and thread a key tag through the hole. When guests arrive, have them glue on rhinestones and foam shapes.

Then, have them write out their names on the key tags, using stamps or markers.

Apply sticky-back Velcro coins to collar ends to close. Poodle-ear template belowplain headband, pink and white boucle yarn, felt, ribbon, fabric glue, scissors, pencil. Glue an end of a piece of yarn to the bottom of one end of headband; let it dry. Wrap yarn around headband in a single layer; glue loose end to the other side.

Glue another end of yarn to the middle of headband and wrap around, layering the yarn more in the center than on sides.

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Glue loose end to headband to secure. Enlarge the poodle-ear template as directed and cut out. Trace ears onto felt twice; cut out. Glue yarn to the bottom front of each ear, making small loops as you go, covering half of the ear. Then, glue one ear to each side of the headband. Make two bows from ribbon, and glue one to the top How To Write A Medieval Birthday Invitation each ear.

Fluffy, mini-marshmallow-covered cupcakes are doggone delicious. They're made from marshmallow peanuts. Prepare cake mix according to directions for 16 standard cupcakes and 16 mini cupcakes, using paper liners. Bake mini cupcakes go here to 20 minutes and standard cupcakes for 25 to 28 minutes.

Combine cans of frosting and tint pink. Cut 16 of the marshmallow peanuts in half lengthwise. Cut remaining 8 marshmallow peanuts in half crosswise, and shape into cones for noses.

Place one cone shape close to edge of each mini cupcake. Arrange lengthwise marshmallow halves on either side of the mini cupcakes for ears.

Cut mini marshmallows in half and arrange around peanut marshmallows.

Pipe two eyes, using tubed icing; attach Red Hot at tip of each nose, using pink frosting. Place mini cupcakes on their sides on top of larger cupcakes. Fill in puppy bodies with cut mini marshmallows. Computer, color printer, washable paint, paintbrush, white paper, colored card stock, scissors, glue stick. For each invitation, cut a piece of white paper into a 5-inch square. Brush a thin layer of paint onto your child's palm and have him make handprints on the white paper.

Once paper with handprints is dry, glue it onto the card stock. Type up invite details on your computer and print out. Cut the text into a smaller square and glue onto paper with handprints. Sure, finger-painting makes a mess, but preschoolers just love it! Host this party outside. Have oversize T-shirts on hand to use as smocks. Set up an art easel, lay out cups of paint, here cover a few tables with huge pieces of How To Write A Medieval Birthday Invitation.

Then let the fun begin. Wrap up soaps, bubble bath, and other goodies in a hand towel for kids to take home. Hand towel, ribbon, scissors, favors such as soap, bubble bath, and rubber ducks.

Unfold hand towel and lay flat. Pile favors in the middle of the towel and fold the long sides in, over the favors. Bring link shorter ends of the towel in toward the middle, gather together, and tie with How To Write A Medieval Birthday Invitation.

Prepare cake mix according to directions for two 8-inch round cakes. Frost entire cake with vanilla frosting. Divide whipped frosting among 5 bowls. Color go here with an icing color.

Transfer to resealable plastic bags. Microwave 10 seconds or until just warmed. Cut off one corner of bag and shake over cake in a random pattern. Repeat with remaining colors. Create an invitation written in secret pirate's code backwardsand instruct guests to hold it up to the mirror to read.

Open a new document on your computer. At the top, type the instructions: Then, return that same paper to the printer tray you'll use it to print the rest of the invite. Re-open the document and type the rest of your invite details below your instructions line. Then, delete that first line.

Choose "Mirror" or "Flip Horizontal" image from your printing menu, and print your invitation. You'll see the invite text printed backwards.

Trim the invitation to a 5-inch size. Send them on a treasure hunt, but first, make sure they're prepared. Pass out pirate hats, eye patches, and mini magnifying glasses. Clever clues lead kids to prizes along the way like gold chocolate coins until they find the ultimate treasure chest. Computer, color printer, skull-and-crossbones clip art, parchment-style paper, scissors, twine.

Open a new document in your word-processing program and insert your clip art at the top of the page. Type up clues on the page print them backwards if you want to slow the kids down some.

Print out, roll up, and tie with twine. If you type the clues backwards, make sure you give guests a mirror. Type up different clues on separate lists so that not all children are looking for the same prize. The payoff is huge when they uncover a pirate's chest here with How To Write A Medieval Birthday Invitation sorts of loot. Pass out party bags so your guests can load up! Large plastic treasure chest, sheets of newspaper, pirate-themed favors and stickers, party bags.

Fill a large plastic treasure chest with crumpled newspaper about halfway up. Then, fill with favors such as gold chocolate coins, temporary tattoos, eye patches, and other goodies. Give each guest a small paper bag to fill with favors.

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Seal bags with stickers. Bake two 9-xinch cakes according to directions. Let cakes cool completely. Place one cake on serving platter. Cut the remaining piece of the second cake in half horizontally. Using chocolate frosting, attach small cake piece to the end of the large cake on the platter see photo above. Using chocolate frosting, attach 2 large pieces of cake on top of each end of base cake.