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primary goalThe key to getting potential licensees interested in your invention idea is to create a spectacular sell sheet. What is a sell sheet and how do you create one? If you have an invention or just an invention idea, you need a sell sheet to market that invention to potential developers and manufacturers.

The sell sheet is a marketing piece that promotes your invention in a one page ad format by describing the product, its features and benefits, and whom the product can be purchased from.

The Marketing Letter should be as brief and professional as possible. You I am willing to consider selling or licensing the patent rights to my invention. Guide to Selling Your Patent © Tynax, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 2 What are You Selling When Selling a Patent? A patent is a right to exclude others from practicing. Review the letter with a patent attorney to ensure "How to Send a Letter to a Company That May Be Interested in That May Be Interested in My Invention. It gives the inventor the right to not allow others to reproduce, use or sell their product. "How to Write a Patent" accessed January When attempting to sell a patent to a company, How to Contact a Company to Sell a Patent. How to Write a Referral Letter for a Business;.

There are sell sheets for companies, hospitals, books, kitchen gadgets, and software programs. What does a typical sell sheet look like? These areas are shown in the above generic sell sheet, but their exact locations are not static and can be strewn about almost anywhere.

This statement should be no longer than a single line and should succinctly pitch your idea to your prospects.

You might be thinking to yourself, I already have a great invention. Because, in brief, a sell sheet is much cheaper and easier to create than a physical prototype of your invention idea. You can even set up a website that describes your invention idea, dedicating one page of that website to your sell sheet. Then, all you need to do is provide your prospects with that web page address.

Your sell sheet should provide only enough information to pique reader, not include specifics on every individual nut and bolt. If this happens while your invention idea is still being considered, there is a high likelihood that it will be rejected.

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Sites like eLance, Freelancer. In such cases, tapping the instructor and asking if some of her students would be able to help realize your invention idea can make for a great classroom exercise, plus a little bit of money for the student. Just make sure that you have your freelancer or student sign a non-disclosure agreement first before you send him any work. This excludes the freelancer or student from later claiming coinventor status. If you spark their interest, you can offer to send them your sell sheet, plus your business card and a cover letter.

It goes almost without saying that you should never send unsolicited materials to a prospect, even if you deem that her a perfect match for your idea. Without a proper introduction and invitation, your unsolicited materials will simply get tossed in the trash. It will be immensely useful for you as you hone your idea and decide whether to take it to a different company or market segment.

It takes time and continued effort to place an invention idea with an appropriate company or manufacturer. But once you get the green light, you will find the process infinitely easier to repeat, leading to a series of licensed invention ideas that generate a steady passive income for you.

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