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firms Arizona, NevadaWhat's your professional style?

An employer wants someone who fits into the company culture.

By saying something about your work style or management approach, you can sometimes set yourself ahead of your competition for the job.

On this page, you'll see 16 Summary statements written by real job seekers. Each one gives a sense of that person's professional style on the job. You might also like: A skilled communicator; able to maintain cultural sensitivity, establish rapport with members of diverse groups, and promote team cohesiveness.

Highly organized and independent; able to effectively coordinate tasks to accomplish projects with timeliness and creativity. An organized, detail-oriented, and conscientious self-starter, able to strategize and prioritize effectively to accomplish multiple tasks and stay calm under pressure. Flexible and analytical with a keen eye for details; skilled at synthesizing and editing information to achieve overall objectives.

An effective leader, skilled in enlisting the support of all team members in aligning with project and organizational goals.

High-energy, confident professional with an infectious enthusiasm for technology. Particular strength in bridging cultural gaps among people through education and interpersonal relations. An organized and detail-oriented manager, able to prioritize and delegate tasks effectively to ensure timely project completion within a team environment. Known for an interactive teaching style that encourages student participation and enthusiasm while facilitating learning.

Experienced supervisor with a management style that motivates staff productivity.

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Decisive, efficient team approach; outstanding communication skills. A dedicated and enthusiastic manager, able to motivate teams to perform at their best in providing excellent service and developing ongoing, profitable client relationships.

How To Build The Ultimate Professional Resume: Video Tutorial and Template

An experienced supervisor and trainer; able to explain information clearly, recognize excellence in individuals, and inspire team members to achieve their potential while working toward common goals.

Strong meeting planning and facilitation skills; able to communicate effectively with all organizational levels, build relationships of trust and click the participation of team members.

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Highly organized and efficient in fast-paced multitasking environments; able to prioritize effectively to accomplish objectives with creativity, enthusiasm and humor. Creative, resourceful and flexible, able to adapt to changing priorities and maintain a positive attitude and strong work ethic.