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vital thing rememberLarge stone sculptures - perhaps the greatest Aztec artistic feat? The ancient art of spear throwing in Mexico. Trainee runners had to shin up the steps of the Templo Mayor.

Ancient Maya musical instruments. Is this an early Mesoamerican unicycle?

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Cacao use among the Pre-Hispanic Maya. Witchcraft and sorcery was powerful business in ancient Mexico.

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Does femicide have pre-Hispanic roots? What looks like an Aztec fruit farmer is in fact For ancient Mexicans the cosmos was woven and netted. Is the chacmool anything to do with the ballgame?

Cannibalism was a very European thing! Gum was used to chew and to seal and stick things. The pre-Columbian ballgame survives today in Sinaloa The Aztecs were skilled users of shell in making mosaics. Aztec noble versus commoner. What if the Aztecs had defeated the Spanish? Read a lovely story about Aztec companion spirits. The Maya story of the creation of humankind. Search the Site type in white box: Links on the Maya As the Maya have now entered the National Curriculum in England History, KS2we are adding a range of links that we hope you will find useful, for all ages The unit encourages you to pick out intriguing details in the scene Great sections on the Maya, the Sun, Corn, Calendars, and more - including simple maths games!

Also has a Spanish version of the site. No sound, but this is Essay On Maya Lin neat little animation, from Mesoweb. We support them with workshops and teaching materials El Pilar is the only Maya site that presents the domestic component for visitors to appreciate Trailers are worth watching alone!

Includes a classroom activity for students where they can determine their own birth date using the Maya Long Count calendar system. The third link is for the documentary Maya - NASA archaeologists use satellites to pinpoint ancient Maya ruins buried deep in the jungle.

Featured in the project is information from two exhibits about the Maya developed by the Museum, Cenote of Essay On Maya Lin and Flowers, Saints and Toads.

The couple that run the site do their own wacky Living History sessions in schools on the Maya. Includes a few exercises and teaching ideas. Maudslay An excellent, downloadable, short biography of Essay On Maya Lin can be found on the Institute of Maya Studies website http: Also, check out the great re-telling of the ballgame played between Hero Twins and Lords of the Underworld by Yr 5 pupils at Torriano Junior School, London second link.

Great for general research on the ancient Maya. However the slide shows are poor best is Costume and the site is now old and several links no longer work or are badly out of date.

Approx 10 mins split into 7 separate videos. Based on primary sources: Its collection numbers over 3, objects.

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