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The overuse of the procedure known as colonoscopies as a prophylactic for colon cancer, has not only become quite a fad in recent decades, but also a multimillion dollar industry. Every year, over 14 million perfectly healthy individuals age 50 and up, submit themselves to this invasive procedure in the hope of receiving protection from colorectal cancer.

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Do the benefits of this screening outweigh the Homework Proofreading Website Gb involved? Sometimes in this world, a treatment may be as dangerous as the disease itself. The many injuries that can be caused by colonoscopies, the anesthetics and preparation required for this procedure, is what I would like to cover in part 1 of this series.

In part 2 we will look at the known effectiveness of colonoscopies as a weapon against cancer. But, a colonoscopy injury can be as lethal and cause as much fear and suffering as colorectal cancer itself.

For those who have not read my storyI lost all of my intestines due to a colonoscopy accident — NOT just my colon, but all of my small intestines too — a life-threatening condition known as short bowel syndrome. I lived for six months without intestines and being fed and hydrated with the use Essay On Benefits And Dangers Of Virtual Reality TPNbut my life was ultimately save with a very rare intestinal transplant.

So the question here is, which one carries the greatest risk of actually happening to you in your lifetime? Especially between the age of fifty to sixty? The medical industry recommends screening starting at the age of 50 and as low as 45 for African-Americans.

So, for the first couple of decades, you are risking your life with a dangerous, invasive procedure to diagnose a disease that is far less of a risk at that age than the odds of being injured by the screening device. I could stop right there, because that should be enough to make a critical thinker forget about this barbaric diagnostic tool, at least until the age of But, there is more — a whole lot more to consider, which leads me to believe we should search to discover a safer and more effective tool.

Many of the related injuries associated with colonoscopies go unreported or are never diagnosed. Death from colon cancer will very rarely not be reported as the cause of death, so those are accurate predictions. But, we have no idea just how high the actual number for colonoscopy injuries and death may actually be [more]. I am living proof of that. The reason for the necrosis of my bowels was unreported because all priorities focused on saving my life, not what caused the decline.

Nowhere on my medical record is the reason for what caused my organs to die reported, so I doubt that I am part of those statistics, even though I am a victim of a colonoscopy.

Typically, a patient left untreated for as long as I was will die. Had I died, the death report would say complications from necrosis of the bowels and mention nothing of the colonoscopy. Article source and other injuries from colonoscopies can be extremely difficult to diagnose and are often of little concern when the patient is dying.

We also have to consider that doctors and hospitals will rarely report an injury from a colonoscopy unless forced to. It is up to the patient to successfully prove that the procedure Essay On Benefits And Dangers Of Virtual Reality their injury or resulting infection in a civil trial before it will be reported and logged. Even though statistics say that 70, people will be injured or killed by this procedure this year, the actual number is far greater.

One of the Essay On Benefits And Dangers Of Virtual Reality dangerous outcomes of a colonoscopy is the one I was a victim of — a perforation. Everyone considering this diagnostic procedure is required to sign a paper stating that they understand all of the injuries possible with this invasion of their organs with a mechanical device and the air pressure exerted in order to inflate the colon.

The list of the horrific complications, including death, should be enough to give anyone pause. But, patients are immediately calmed when their doctors explains that these things are rare.

Other than perforations, there are other dangersincluding a list of possible reactions to the anesthesia propofol that is typically used during a colonoscopy. Though rare, they can range from deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism to pneumonia.

If given too much, the patient can stop breathing. This is why you should make sure that you have this procedure performed in a facility that is Essay On Benefits And Dangers Of Virtual Reality to handle such a situation, in case you stop breathing. No other cancer screening test requires a patient to be rendered unconscious to perform.

Because you will be unconscious, you will not be witness to the procedure, so the patient has no idea how well the procedure was performed or how much time the doctor took to examine thoroughly. The insurance companies pay the same price whether the doctor takes 20 minutes or 2 minutes — the faster they can do them, the more procedures they can get paid for per day.

Most accidents happen because of fast and sloppy procedures. There can also be complications associated with the colon prep required for the procedure. This prep can include a 2 liter enema of synthetic laxatives administered about an hour before the procedure.

This is called the Mechanical Bowel Preparation MBP and is completely unnecessary, yet many doctors still use this in spite of the fact that it has been proven to create a high risk of thrombosis. This cocktail of chemicals can cause everything from deadly electrolyte imbalances which can lead to congestive heart failureto possible thrombosis in the mesenteric artery, to kidney damage.

It is believed that I developed a partial occlusion in the mesenteric artery which feeds blood to all of the bowels following the prep. I began to complain of intense abdominal pain directly after the MBP, yet the doctor decided to do the procedure anyway. If this diagnostic procedure still sounds safe to you, we will also throw in the newest discovery that has come to light in recent years.

It is impossible to sterilize an endoscope! This high-tech device cannot be boiled or steamed because high temperatures can destroy the sensitive electronics and optics.

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There are many tiny nooks and crannies in click around the tip of the scope, which are difficult to clean, even by hand. More importantly, is the channel which runs the length of the scope inside.

It is this port that the doctors insert the tools into. This channel is less than a millimeter in diameter and tunnels over four feet through the endoscope.

Without boiling or steaming, I can not see how this channel could be sterilized I will cover this in more detail in an upcoming post. Recent biopsies of these scopes have revealed microscopic incrustation of fecal matter, tissue, blood, and mucus imbedded from previous patients. At present, medical personnel bathe the scopes in a disinfectant solution. Properly cleaning an endoscope can take a lot of time and must be done by hand. With such a cattle-call styled business, just how much time is really spent cleaning the scope?

H7 and Creutzfeldt- Jakob Disease.

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And the pathogens you may be infected with are typically going to be a hospital borne variety, which means they are strains that have been exposed to, and become immune to most antibiotics. Leading microbiologists have advocated using sterile, disposable parts for endoscopes as well as the use of a condom-like sheathes for each new patient. But, the manufacturers and health-care providers have resisted these solutions because of added costs.

These safety precautions are mandated in England, but not used here in the U. The FDA even recognizes this problem hereclick here acts as if their present recommendations are effective — they have been proven not to be. Following my transplant, I was required to undergo an ileoscopyincluding biopsies, weekly to check for signs of rejection.

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Patients are not anesthetized for this procedure because the scope is inserted into a stoma, rather than the anus, so it is painless.

I was allowed to watch the procedure on a television monitor. Each time I could see a tiny injury which would begin to bleed.

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An open, bleeding wound near the tip of a scope which has been in many other colons and is unable to be sterilized — sounds like a real good medical practice. Each time you undergo a colonoscopy they may clip out a piece of your intestine for biopsy or snip off a polyp. See more will be an open wound and mixing of your blood with whatever may be lingering on the end of that scope which has been in hundreds of other colons and is unable to be sterilized.

Because there is a small amount of internal bleeding Essay On Benefits And Dangers Of Virtual Reality a procedure, this can be very dangerous to anyone on blood thinners or anti-coagulants, because the doctors do not hang around long enough to be sure that the injury heals.

An open bleeding wound within a dirty colon is not the safest thing and certainly a risk for infection, but there have been patient bleed out days or even week later from a wound that did not stop bleeding — especially in elderly patients or diabetics who do not heal quickly.

A few days after one of the ileoscopy, I came down with a systemic gram negative rod infection called pseudomonasa very deadly pathogen to immunosuppressed patients. It nearly ended my life as I succumbed to septic shock and by the time the ambulance arrived at the ER, my blood pressure had dropped to 35 over 28 and I was unable to breathe Essay On Benefits And Dangers Of Virtual Reality my own, so the doctors were giving me a very small chance of surviving the night.

It is quite obvious now that I contracted that pathogen from the scope I had just received two days before I failed so quickly because I was so immunosupressed from the transplant.

Seven months prior to that, I had been the victim of Esl Report Writer Online perforation as the result of a routine colonoscopy, which ultimately cost me all of my intestines and nearly my life. That is two near death injuries on just one patient within seven months from two endoscopes.

I met six other transplant patients in the last two years. Three out of those six people, adding myself making sevenhad suffered a perforation from scopes and a fourth one had suffered a perforation in a similar invasive procedure.

Two of those patients died as a result of their injuries and I nearly died on two different endoscope accidents. The third transplant recipient needed an emergency resection of her newly transplanted bowels because of a perforation from a scope. The baby of our transplant family, a young woman only 28 years old, is fighting a Klebsiella sepsis at this time, which was most likely transmitted via a recent scope.

Because of what happened to me and the manner in which the doctor lied to me about the rarity of these injuries is what has motivated me to study and investigate the subject for the last two years. I have discovered that perforations are not as rare as the doctors would like us to believe. From an a article in The New York Times. Insurers pay doctors the same no matter how much time they spend. I hope that one day this killer will end up on the junk pile of quack medical devices from the Victorian Age, and I hope I can have a hand in placing it there.

This will not be easy. Article source medical industry now has celebrities, such as Katie Couric, actively using their fame to promote this procedure as a life-saving miracle, rather than the barbaric medieval medical device it really is. I am sure that the fact that NBC is also owned by General Electric, a manufacturer of endoscopes, had little to do with sponsoring her televised colonoscopy Essay On Benefits And Dangers Of Virtual Reality using her celebrity pitching skills to bring this killer to the forefront of common medical practices.

But is there any more truth to this than the lie that injuries are rare? My advice to people is that if they must have a colonoscopy, to refuse the mechanical bowel preparation MBP. This is not the oral solution, but the enema that many doctors require prior to the procedure.

Clinical studies have proven that it is unnecessary. One study can be found here. It was the MBP that cause a thrombosis in my superior mesenteric artery, the vessel that feeds blood to the small bowels.

It was only a partial occlusion and had the doctors found it earlier, my small bowels could have been spared. But the doctors chose to ignored my pain, elevated WBCs and difficulty breathing for more than 3 days and the bowels became ischemic from loss of blood flow.