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the years there haveClick here to read why studying Women's and Gender Studies is a flexible, useful, and important choice for you.

Click here to know five reasons for which you would study Women's and Gender Studies. Click here to read a brochure on occupational review of Women's and Gender Studies Magazine A Letter How Query Write To prepared by University of Louisville. Magazine's article by Nikki Ayanna Stewart.

Kayo Denda MA Alumnae ' Aside from intellectual curiosity and a desire to challenge myself, I started the M. Program because I felt that embedding myself in the classrooms was the best way to achieve my goal, while getting to know more about the community I worked with. I certainly was not disappointed! I cannot express enough my gratitude to every faculty member whose course I took, as each one of them welcomed me in their classrooms.

The insights I gained are truly valuable in my librarianship, as I can now apply them in strategies regarding building collections and designing specific services. When time finally came to think about practicum or a thesis I was a very part-time article sourceI decided to do a practicum that was relevant to my work.

While a graduate student, I had the opportunity to work with many amazing feminists on a range of projects, including as a graduate research assistant at Signs: Since JulyI have also served as Production Editor for Films for the Feminist Classroom, a new online journal that developed from the Signs journal office and that has given me more experience as a writer and editor. I feel firmly connected with a wide range of people, places, and organizations doing inspiring work that I find challenging and highly fulfilling.

I am grateful for the opportunity to study in the WGS department, and am incredibly happy with what I have been able and will continue to do with my degree. Lana Sacks MA Alumnae ' I have been accepted to several conferences and will soon have a published paper on masculinity and popular music. Nathalie Margi MA Alumnae ' I finished my MA in January My main interests, both before I started the program and today, pertain to global issues and women's human rights.

During Do My Women And Gender Studies Home Work studies, I did an internship there, and had the opportunity to meet many women's rights and human rights activists from around the world. This was an inspiring and enriching experience, and reinforced my passion for international advocacy and organizing. Some of the most valuable aspects of the MA program for me were these opportunities to acquire practical experience in the field I was most interested in and meet prominent people like Charlotte Bunch, who provided me with guidance, mentoring and invaluable connections.

Ingrid Dahl MA Alumnae ' It also can get you a job that isn't necessarily in the field, but lends itself to insight in many other fields that don't have a grasp on gender-related issues.

My degree led me into a series of possible career moves, from working as a consultant to a Do My Women And Gender Studies Home Work, to touring in an all-girl band, to becoming a founding member of a rock camp for girls in Brooklyn, NY, to my current position as a program officer of youth media at the Academy for Educational Development in NY, NY. Through and outside my position at AED, I'm also the go-to person for gender issues, women's leadership, and queer media literacy.

I've given multiple workshops on voice, visibility, women's leadership and eradicating homophobia at conferences around the U. It's really the scope that a person who receives this degree gains, and sure, the theory helps.

I don't think graduate students focused on that enough when I was at the program, which is unfortunate since we are a powerful network possibility still in its incubation phase. I still keep in touch with IWL and that ought to be brought in a bit more, along with all the centers, in supporting graduate students.

I know there is already work to do this cohesively, but there's always more we can do. And at the University level, we have to move faster because the world outside of it is, in some areas, rapidly growing and other social spaces desperately need us to branch out.

For more than fifteen years, I worked as the Executive Director of an organization that provided services for elderly Palestinians in the Galilee and developed new community services.

At one point I felt a strong need to make a change in my career and I click here for the Do My Women And Gender Studies Home Work Fellowship Program in the summer of My application was accepted and I made my way to Rutgers University in the fall of and started my Humphrey year.

I applied to the Masters program at the department and Professor Mary Hawkesworth helped me achieve my wish and I was accepted for a one year Masters program in the year Although the studies at the department were challenging and demanding it was a great learning experience for me.

Moreover, meeting with different students from different cultures was an excellent opportunity for me personally and academically. Exploring new theories and be part of open discussions at the classes helped me see things in different ways and moved me to be more critical towards the inequality in the world in general and around me in specific, and I decided to do something with my new experience and knowledge when I go back home.

I came back home after graduating from the program in and returned to my previous job. Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian that agreed to be my PhD supervisor. Shalhoub-Kevorkian had established in a research center. I worked as acting more info of a shelter for battered women and their children in the Palestinian community in Israel.

I quit this job in the end of September to focus on my research and studies. I am now conducting interviews with families who lost their homes and will start soon to analyze the stories. I was honored and lucky to publish my first article with Dr. In addition I will work as a research assistant with Dr.

Suzanne Grossman MA Alumnae ' At this time, I collaborated with a fellow graduate student, Ingrid Hu Dahl, and a group of women musicians in New York City to found the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls, a music camp for girls ages 8 to 18 that incorporates feminist principles.

What You Can Do With a WGS Major; But what can I do with a Women’s and Gender Studies major? health care, the media, politics, law, social work. Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at American University College of Arts & Sciences Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Home. Through my work for. Why Women & Gender Studies. 30 likes. Welcome to Why WGS. This page will explore many topics concerning Women & Gender Studies and why it's important to. What I’m Doing With My Women’s Studies of violence against women. This work has included the as a women and gender studies major at. Click here to know five reasons for which you would study Women's and Gender Studies. What do Women's do a practicum that was relevant to my work. my home.

My degree and work at the IWL helped me continue on the path of women's leadership development. As a result, I worked at the Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership, an organization founded by Naomi Wolf that runs leadership retreats for women.

I followed this by serving as the Interim Executive Director of a foundation that provides scholarships to women called the Jewish Foundation for Education of Women. Through this I developed a multi-week class for women jobseekers in NYC, teaching them the skills they need to find Do My Women And Gender Studies Home Work they love. I credit my graduate degree in Women's and Gender Studies with setting me on the path toward meaningful work in the field of women's leadership development.

I met so many wonderful people at Rutgers who I have collaborated with and who I know are life long friends, mentors and colleagues. I began the program with a background in reproductive rights activism but knew I wanted to move away from that.

The program helped opened the door to other possibilities within the field of women's advocacy in new and inspiring ways. I'm extremely grateful for my degree and for choosing Rutgers over other programs in the area. I had already started a PhD program in Spain, my home country, which I interrupted to come to Rutgers.

After graduating here, I returned home to finish my PhD. Developing this skill does not only help you in your career but also here everyday life. As for my own career, my goal after completing my MA was to continue with my PhD, since I wanted to become a university professor.

What's the Deal with Women's Studies?

At Rutgers I wrote a thesis under the guidance of Professor Ben. This thesis was the germ of my doctoral dissertation, which I have already published in the shape of a book: After completing my PhD I have done research and taught in different places.

I have been a fellow at the John-F.

I also was a post-doctoral professor and fellow in the Bakhtin Centre at the Univ. You can do anything you want and go as far as you plan to. However, I still work part time as a Client Advocate at SAFE in Hunterdon, a non-profit agency in New Jersey that aids women and children who have been affected by domestic violence and sexual assault. Having a women's studies background enhanced my resume in the interview process, as I was viewed as an applicant who could not only understand clients on a human level, but also relate to clients by understanding the systemic and societal processes that surrounded them and brought them to where they were.

With a women's studies degree, I brought to the table an academic understanding of the issues facing the women I would be working with, which has shown in my experiences with clients to be educational and insightful. This degree coupled with my BA in Psychology really helped me to find a position in the social services.

After graduation, I worked in the publishing world as a freelance writer, but also as editor and community producer for gURL. It was great experience and when I was applying for editorial positions in NYC, my Women's Studies degree as well continue reading my previous internshipsreally allowed me to stand out from the rest of the candidate pool.

After working for gURL. I am currently in my second year at the University of North Carolina Wilmington a three year program and working on my first poetry collection. What a change of location! I think Women's and Gender Studies lends itself extremely well Do My Women And Gender Studies Home Work the writing, publishing, and journalism fields. It provides you with a different lens than most graduates and I think employers are impressed by someone who has spent a lot of time thinking critically about gender issues, which are really human issues.

Do many of them.

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Don't complain about running for coffee. Be willing to put yourself out there.

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What I’m Doing With My Women’s Studies of violence against women. This work has included the as a women and gender studies major at. Home; Undergraduate Women of Color Press in order to call attention and make available work by women of The Women and Gender Studies Department seeks to. Do I need a bachelor's in women or gender studies to Does the Women and Gender Studies Program and gender studies? Graduates will be prepared to work in a.

The skills you gain on an internship will put you far ahead of the other students when you graduate--and you never know where the networking you do at those sites will get you. This workshop seeks to demystify the negotiation process for women on the academic job market, informing participants about the kinds of resources and perks that can Do My Women And Gender Studies Home Work asked for and describing how these vary by discipline.

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