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This engine, an ingenious source of immense power that was created inwas turned on This will become important, so stick with me. Although fancy inventions and technological advancements are enough to wrap our heads around, Tom also grounds us in his story with humanness we can all relate to in some way: As the son of a genius, Tom has always been a disappointment to his father and society-at-large.

He has no illusions of grandeur and is content, for the most part, to play the role that his life has dealt him: Relegated into this position that will embarrass his father the least, Tom serves as an understudy to the best and most capable chrononaut think an astronaut but for time travel Penelope Weschler, training for the first launch.

Stuck in current-world and feeling the weight of the consequences of his mistake, Tom begins to build relationships while tracking down answers to put the timeline back on track.


Elan Mastai has crafted a sharp and articulate masterpiece that boggles the mind and warms the heart. For a few hours, my imagination was unleashed I felt like the future that he described was a tangible reality. I could picture the havoc flying cars might wreak.

I envied the ability to create a tailored outfit without having to actually shop in a store.

And I wondered how my life would change if teleportation was available with the push of a button. For the most part, Mastai managed to help me keep moving forward, even with all the information thrown at me with every step along the way Alternate timelines! Different time travel methodologies!

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For me, the exception to this came at the end of the book. The momentum fell a little flat as the focus became less about the relationships that Tom was forming and more about resolving the science-y time travel conundrum.

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The ending was a bumpy one for me almost as if the author was giving an award acceptance speech and the music started playing him off the stage. In the last few pages, the plot got more and more complicated and became increasingly difficult to follow.

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Specifically, Book Report Boggles World logical physics of time travel that I bought into at the beginning of the book began to twist and turn into confusion as it ended.

Each pivotal plot twist was preceded by at least one of these instances. In fact, current-day Tom finally becomes self-aware and realizes this himself, to some degree. Ultimately, in a book chock full of imagination, the overuse of check this out trope as a mechanism to create forward momentum was certainly a viable and ultimately effective route, but not one that I found particularly innovative.

She is full of life, sharp as a tack and a match for Tom in every way. Fearless in life and love I mean, how many people would give the benefit of the doubt to a guy who shows up and explains that he has traveled through time? Curious about what books will be released in the months ahead so you can pre-order or reserve them? Then click on the months below. January's Books on Screen roundup includes the feature films Maze Runner: Each month we spotlight a selection of Young Adult YA titles that we believe are great reads for adult readers.

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