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Sport Beta TesterYou need professional book editing services with proven success to get you published.

Book editors from First Editing know the publishing industry from the inside. You have professional book editors with advanced degrees, extensive experience in publishing, writing, book editing, and editing. Plus, we are confident enough in our work to offer a satisfaction guarantee.

Make sure you meet that next book deadline by enlisting professional editors who achieve phenomenal results according to your schedule.

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Professional book editing services WILL perfect your writing! You need to speak with a professional book editor and get an editorial review of your writing. Let us show you how it works. Get a free editing sample and quick editorial critique by clicking here.

Book editing often encompasses basic copy editing spelling, grammar, punctuation, Best Book Review Editing Website. As each author is unique, it is vitally important to first determine what your individual needs are through a professional editing sample and editorial critique.

This will include specific recommendations regarding which editing level will serve you best. As an author, you are often just too close to your work to clearly see what needs to be done to take your book from good to great. Plus, we find the perfect editor for you. There is no need to waste time searching through unknown freelancers. We have a qualified editor read more to assist you now.

Jan 18 Thank you so much to my editor, Toni, for her thorough edits and suggestions as well as her kind words throughout the editing process. Toni's edits have truly brought my manuscript to life.

I was so pleased with the professionalism at First Editing and am happy to suggest your work to others! I am excited to get this book published to the press, and can't thank you enough for your hard work on this. Jan 16 I love the professional and personal communication with my editor, Lee Ann.

Her suggestions on my work in progress are a great help and I love her personal, yet professional approach. Jan 14 Joanne, I can not thank you enough, this is quite a gift to have my first book edited.

I have reviewed the book and found every line placed and written a lot better. I take this time to learn more here you for all your hard work. I plan to write more books and I hope I can use Best Book Review Editing Website again for my editor for future stories of mine. I am very happy that you enjoyed my first story as well. Jan 10 The project was delivered on time. Click here to read more testimonials!

Our professional editors are working around the clock to help you succeed. Book editors read and examine your every single word.

Furthermore, we consider every sentence, paragraph, character, plot point, and argument when editing. Your professional editor ensures that your writing is consistent and coherent throughout the entire manuscript. Our fiction and nonfiction book editors polish your manuscript while remaining true to your voice and intentions as an author. Even a near-perfect piece of work can benefit from a keen editorial eye, to provide basic corrections while weeding out illogical statements and inconsistencies.

Book reviews and recommendations from the most trusted voice in book discovery. Welcome to the First Writing Service. Essay writing, Homework help, Editing services. Our professional book editing services can ‘correct and perfect’ YOUR writing project! Whether you’ve just completed the manuscript of a future best seller or. If you're an author trying to get published or just a book enthusiast, chances are, you're always on the lookout for great book blogs, book review blogs, and online. Mixbook offers a vast selection of design elements and makes everything easy to use so you can create the perfect photo book in minutes.

Our editors have extensive experience in providing substantial edits in a variety of genres, including literary fiction, creative nonfiction, Christian writing, textbooks, biographies, romance, westerns, sci-fi, self-help, urban, children, and young adult — the list goes on! We have link two decades of priceless experience in the writing, publishing, and editing industry.

With our history of successfully published books and articles, we take pride in personal communication with every client. Contact us today and learn more. Click here to have us begin editing your book now….

Should you require a Non-Disclosure Agreement, we will happily sign yours. When it comes to writing, people often make LOTS of mistakes. Often, writers are so emotionally involved in their own work that they fill pages with great ideas but fail to express their true intent with the best choice of words possible.

First Editing specializes in fixing mistakes, beautifying language, and transforming more info into literary masterpieces. Send us your writing for a FREE book editing sample…. Your editor has proven experience in your specific genre and is assigned according to your unique needs. Thus, we Best Book Review Editing Website sending a portion of your completed writing project for a free editing sample.

Your editor can then evaluate your needs and provide personal recommendations regarding the best editing level for you.

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Find valuable tips on book editing services and writing in our blog! Just wanted to say thanks to Peter for a job well done. Level 1 — Copyediting Size: I really appreciate the work done by Dr. She did a great job and I am really happy. I hope she will be the one to edit my next book in a few weeks.

Hi First Editing Team. The excellent work put in by Dina has made the book sing. Level 3 — Line Editing for Content Size: Fiction Book Delivery time: I have gone through the edited document and I must say, Lee Ann has done very good work. I can see a lot of attention paid to grammatical revision and minute detail, which has helped improve the writing. Lee Ann, your comments and suggestion are well taken.

Generally, the document …. The editing improved the my work and made it much easier to read through. Our Book Editing Services Book editing often encompasses basic copy editing spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.

Get personal and professional service from your vetted book editors As an author, you are often just too close to your work Best Book Review Editing Website clearly see what needs to be done to take your book from good to great.

Professional book editors at your service today! Click here to have us begin editing your book now… Secure and confidential editing service you can trust.

Send us your writing for a FREE book editing sample… Personal Service from Your Book Editor Your editor has proven experience in your specific genre and is assigned according to your unique needs. Plus, you get this valuable feedback within 24 hours. Carl Brandon, USA 5. About this editing project: Lucien Here McMurray, Canada 5.

Ron Keighley, United Kingdom 5.

Generally, the document … Maame Accra, Ghana. William Bonn, Germany 4. We have loads of happy clients from all over the world…here are some of them! Refresh the page to view more. Ron Keighley, United Kingdom 5 About this editing project: Generally, the document … Maame Accra, Ghana About this editing project: